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Powering the mini director


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So, what do you guys think, will a 9 volt (transistor) battery power a mini director? Here's what the book says:

Power input 50 milliamps, 9 volts DC
RJ45 network cable from controller(s)
– or –
Terminal block external power supply

And a test site

Summary of tests, see discharge curves below Size Brand Code used in Graph Date of Test Sell By Date Termination voltage used in test Amp-Hours at 100 mA Discharge rate
9 Volt Alkaline Duracell Coppertop DC April 2006 March 2010 0.1 Volt 310 mAH
9 Volt Alkaline Duracell Procell DP April 2006 March 2009 0.1 Volt 310 mAH
9 Volt Alkaline Energizer Industrial EI April 2006 2009 0.1 Volt 450 mAH
9 Volt Alkaline Nuon NU May 2006 Aug 2013 0.1 Volt 490 mAH
9 Volt Alkaline Rayovac Industrial Plus RI May 2006 Dec 2010 0.1 Volt 440 mAH
9 Volt Carbon Zinc Panasonic Super Heavy Duty PS May 2006 0.1 Volt 52 mAH

So, any thoughts? Thanks in advance,


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Did not look at the chart but as I recall, 9v alkaline batteries have about 500 mAh measured with a 15mA discharge rate. My guess is that a 9v battery would power the mini MP3 Director for 8 hours or so... However if it is plugged into any LOR controller then it will be getting power from there.


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Dan, you state it simply and clearly - A Mini Director can be powered from "any" LOR controller.

At the risk of public ridicule I have to ask if "any LOR controller" includes the tiny controller box that is part of each CCR?

I have a display planned around multiple CCR's and a Mini Director. The CCRs are the only display elements (and also the only controllers) in the display.

With no legacy LOR controllers in the design, I'm hoping to power the Mini Director from one of the CCR controllers if possible.

If not I will have to build a DC-to-DC converter to power the Mini Director from the unregulated 13.8 volt DC available on the vehicle that the display will be mounted on.

So, in summary:

QUESTION 1 - Can the The Showtime Mini Director be powered from c CCR controller?

OPTIONAL QUESTION 2 - What DC voltage (regulated / unregulated?) is available on all LOR controllers to power other devices such as a Mini Director? Should be able to find this before you get a chane to respond so feel free to skip it.

Thanks Dan.

Matt Grooms - San Antonio, TX

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Apologies Dan, I am an idiot.

Page six, paragraph four, sentence two reads

"The CR150D has an accessory power supply allowing it to be used with wireless units and/or on of the LOR Show Directors."

Plugged the Mini Show Director into a CR150D controller and it came right on!

Matt -San Antonio, TX

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