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Newbie Sequence Time Limit Question


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Hello, all....

I keep seeing posts that mention a 10 minute time limit for sequence length. However, I have the 13+ minute version of Disney's "Believe in Holiday Magic" programmed for 32-channels, and have not had any issues after playing this song tons of times. Is there something in the Schedule Editor that will disallow this sequence during real-time playback for the show??? The sequence is already programmed into the Schedule Editor, along with 4 or 5 other songs.

Also, I have the "Basic" version of the LOR II software. One thing I saw is that the software supports 2 tracks. Does this mean only 2 sequences for my show will be allowed, or does "tracks" refer to something else?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - I sure hope I don't have to drop 3-4 minutes of programmed sequence for this to work properly...

Thank you,


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The 10 minute time limit was a limitation on earlier versions of the DC-MP3 and uMP3 show directors firmware. The current firmware does not have that limit. There has never been an explicit time limit on sequences that run on the PC.

The basic software has no limits on the lenght of sequences or the number of sequences in a show.

Tracks refer to the structrure of the channel organization within a Sequence File. A track is a a group of channels.


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