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looking for Halloween sequences

Brian Mercieca

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Mine are also on the lightoramasequences.com, all mine are for 64 channel, but I'm sure they could be cut down to 16, 32 or 48 easy enough just by removing some of the elements and/or additional controllers/channels.

Matter of fact, I am having to redo mine to 80 channels because of my ever growing Halloween display! I swear I think it's reproducing on its own! LOL

If you need any of the MP3's for my sequences you may download them from the link supplied below, some are custom edits and either won't be easy to find, or if you download the song elsewhere, will probably require you to edit it to fit the sequence I created.

And I *KNOW* what a pain in the bazinga it is to find the same song someone else used in their sequence too, been there many times, fortunately I have the software to edit them to fit, but that's a big pain to have to do, when the MP3 edit cut has already been done by someone else.

You can now get all my Halloween MP3 files here: (There are also some Thunderstorm sound bytes (WAV files) here too.


These are the ones used in all my Halloween sequences found at the Light-O-Rama Sequences download area.

Let me know if that link doesn't work! It should!

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mikehorrocks wrote:

Hey I tried to click on your link for the website on the LORF and it was not up. Did I type it wrong?

I just tried it 10:51am 09/15 and it took me right into the directory. Try clicking on it again and let me know, it should be available. Maybe at the time Hotmail was doing some upgrading and had the site down, I logged out of ALL my hotmail accounts to make sure ANYONE should be able to access it, so it should allow anyone access to them.
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