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Has anyone ever had Zara shut down in the middle of the day and the log indicates that it received the stop tones when you know they were not sent?

This happens to me once in a while and in fact it has happened the last 2 days.


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Well after reading all the great things about Zara Radio I thought I would give it a shot, I I got was shot.

Would some of you guys that have a WORKING version of Zara Radio/Studio, that works on Win 7 and actually has the DTM options provides some links to get a download that actually runs?

Version 1.6.1 with DTM options will not load or play a music file, it crashes as soon as you select one and say something about don't do state something or other..

The 1.6.2 version I have downloaded "free version" version runs FINE but does not have DTM option.

I have downloaded at least 10 Zara Radio .exe files from 10 different places including the Zara Studio site (which I can only get the version that does not have DTM it seems... if I cant get it to run on its own I cant use it. I am not home when its time to start my show...

Frustrated as hell... and I never have software problems normally...

By the way.... lots of good info here except where to get it...

and... thanks....

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You can get the file here for now that supports DTMF tones and log export. I already beet my head against the wall this year trying to get it to work on Windows 7. It's cheaper to just pay the $200 for the full version than waste the time. Don't get me wrong. There is one person on the board here that made it work but I couldn't duplicate his results.

I setup scripts that shutdown and startup Zara from Sequences in my show and they have been rock solid. As far as I'm concerned they are just as good as DTMF tones because they don't even make any noise.

I'm happy to share my work and save you the headaches you will experience. Of course they still work on XP which is also a rock solid choice.


Good luck.

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updated for non display time I use Zara Radio run music on my FM transmitters all night and during the day, I have set up three hours of formats of Christmas music like jazz Christmas, Country Christmas, 1940s Christmas, Rock Christmas with some voice overs.

as it time for my displays to start I small 5 second file with the stop DTM tones for Zara Radio in the show startup and as the displays time is over another 5 second file with the start DTM tones for Zara Radio in the shutdown, it been runny great...:cool:

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Thanks Jeffi, and Mountainwxman...

Jeffi, one of the downloads I installed is the same version and date as the one I downloaded from you. BUT, yours runs fine, the DTMH works fine... but the other one I downloaded had no DTMH option and would crash...

Strange. Your file worked and the one I downloaded from the Zara web site did not...

Actually I create my sequences on a Win 7 machine but my show runs on a Win2000 machine.

AND the tutorial here is a HAVE TO SEE not a must see...;)


Thanks again..... I knew my computer could run that crazy thing... Just for grins I installed the 1.6.2 I downloaded from Zara radio on my Win2000 machine it would not run on it either. But the one I downloaded from Jeffi did run... I did download it several time from Zara Radio and none would run right.

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There are two 1.6.2 versions. Zara took out the DTMF tones, logging and I think added Windows 7 support. The problem is they called it version 1.6.2.

The key is having the old 1.6.2 which is what you got to work and the one you want to keep in a safe place for the future because you can't download it anymore.

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I will get the DTMF initials right one of these days...

Anyway... thanks again.... the start stop tones work fine.... only problem on the Win7 machine (external usb Creative sound card) is when the tone starts Zara again I have to tick the sound icon to get the Zara sound going again. Also when Zara Radio is running it calls itself untitled...

Anyway... got something to work with now.

For me the 200 bucks part for the new full blown software is out of the question right now... or at least for a year or so... I need more controllers first...:?

I may be small, but a lot of people come down my street every night and sit for at least 30 minutes or so, Live in a culdesack and I am the end house with no houses next to me. We have no local radio station reception here, and cannot receive any radio here. (except XM types) TV only by satellite too. My FM broadcast covers almost all of our town and I have a new jpole antenna on its way to extend me to about 4 mile radius to cover all of town. Lots of support from neighbors, and the community and local government.

Almost have my coldest neighbors talked into getting controllers and wireless connections to add them to my show. I told them if they get the controllers I would get the wireless equipment.

Next closest anything from here is 180 miles.

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All I can say is.... with all of you guys information and help I have gone from giving up on radio and only having the light show to having a 24/7 show/radio available starting tonight, and the newspaper will be here tonight and I can let them know about the 24/7 radio and all the help you get from the LOR community when things just don/t go as expected...

Thanks again...

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I gave up also on making the tones work with Win 7. But I used the start and stop timer in zara radio and after playing around with the times have it working good in my display and also have no tones being transmitted over the air wave. I am also using the time announcement funtion in Zara. I had to stop the music like 4-5 seconds before my start time in order to get the exact time for my start time


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Where I live... Tonopah Nevada the only radio you can receive is one public radio station..ugh.... NO TV, NO CABLE, only Satellite radio/TV. We didn't even have internet service until 4 years ago after we started to take the local phone company to court to get it. Now we only use them for DSL service and everyone uses cell phone becaue its cheaper. We had the same problem with a cable company that got too expensive. We (the locals) went to satellite and they went belly up.

In other words I live WWOD.... way way out dare....

Over 100 miles to the next anything...I have ordered a jpole antenna for my Ramsey transmitter. I get about 1 1/2 mile radius now, but with it I should get at least 3 miles and that would cover all of town. The people that can get my signal listen to it at home as well and I have been asked for a couple years now to play my light show songs and other Christmas music 24/7 in December.

Now I can... :dude: This is going to be the highlight of my year..:)

I also have a singing pumpkin Halloween show that runs 3 weeks. I am trying to get ideas for a 4th of July show... but..... other than having a lighted flag with several channels, I cant think of anything else to go with it.

OK I will go away now...

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I know the thread is old but it still has some useful info. However since the web site lightoramasequences.com is no longer around and the data is now at ultrashows. I was wondering if anyone knows if it was transfered over. I did some searches but found nothing.

Thanks for the help.


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