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My Halloween sequences available at LOR Sequences.com

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Unfortunately some were put into the LOR I category (I thought the S2 area would "default" to S2 User Submissions, NOT LOR 1, my mistake for not noticing that little box), so some of my sequences that are in LOR I are really LOR S2 sequences and I placed a comment stating they are actually S2 in the comments section.

Anyway, all my current completed Halloween Sequences are now available at the LOR Sequences download area, these are located at:

Have fun downloading.

Here's the list of sequences available:

Born to Be Alive -- Come Little Children -- Gargoyles -- Grim Grinning Ghosts

Haunted Dolls -- Munsters TV Theme -- No One Lives Forever -- Pet Semetery

Redoubt-II -- Shadows -- Shake Your Bones -- Sololiquy -- The Apparition

The Goodtimes Goosebumps Motel -- Trick or Treat EDIT -- Wake The Dead


Witches,Witches, Witches

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Jeff140 wrote:

Missing a "w" in your "www"

the updated link is http://www.lightoramasequences.com

I'm gonna go check em out!

Thanks for sharing!

By the way, love the singing cat!:D

Rats, and I thought I corrected that! Shoot!

Yea, lots of folks love the singing cat video. LOL

Now if I could just connect him to a LOR controller and use him in my displays. LOL (just kidding!)
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Robsaus wrote:

Can you please put the titles and artists you used for the sequences

Thanks Rob

Rob, I'm sorry to say but I don't know the artists from many o these songs, these were ripped from CD's, DVD's or downloaded from the internet a long time ago. And the MP3 files have no info in them. I can only name the artists of a few of them that I know. Some may have come from the Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Halloween CD by Disney.

Pet Semetery by The Ramones

Gargoyles, Shadows, Sololiquy and The Apparition by Midnight Syndicate ripped from my MS CD collection.

The Goodtimes Goosebumps Motel by Judy Pancoast

Munsters TV Theme was converted (re-recorded) from a MIDI file.

Grim Grinning Ghosts is from the Disney's Haunted Mansion CD

Come Little Children was ripped and edited down from the DVD movie I own, "Hocus Pocus"

Adain I'm sorry I can't be of more help here, but these are the ones I know for certain.

Some of the others, like stated were found on the 'net, ripped from Disney and other Older Halloween CD's I have from several years ago and the CD's are packed up in an area I can't get to at the moment, so I have no idea which one, which song came from or where I originally found some of the internet music as these were also downloaded many years ago.
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do you know if you edited Grim Grinning Ghosts? Both versions I have off Disney albums are 5:37 long and the sequence is only about 2:37, not sure if you are just using the last 2:37 of the using or a different version.

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