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Addition made to forum guidlines

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I just made this addtion to the forum guidelines:

When it comes to AC we need to worry about hurt bodies first and hurt feelings second. AC can kill in various ways. It can shock you and it can start fires. We should always assume the worst case... If someone posts a question here we should "politely" check everything we can to make sure that person is being safe. As a responder, if you are not sure of something you should not respond or at least make it clear that you are not sure.

When posting questions you should expect that people will double check your every move when it comes to AC. You should not consider this as an attack on your capabilities but rather a concern for you safety. Anytime anyone does express hurt feelings or doubt ones true intentions they should be referred to the Guidelines of this forum... BTW, this does not give you the right to call someone an idiot.

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