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Hello everyone, I bought a EDM RDS transmitter last year and just starting to tinker with it. The transmission is AWSOME! and will be a welcomed upgrade in of its self; however I seem to be having issues with the RDS side of things.

What is not happening is the transmitter is not transmitting to the RDS capable radio transmitter. The miniRDS software updates the correct information as each sequence changes and loads its TXT file correctly, which is verified in the Dynamic PS tab on miniRDS, but nothing gets transmitted to the radio, however, if I manually press the send button in the RDS software it will send the data to a RDS capable radio.

This is what I have setup and done:

· Using miniRDS Software.

· Directly connected to transmitter with EDM supplied mini USB to DB9 serial cable to serial port.

· Serial port settings: 9600 N81 None, using FIFO buffers at high.

· miniRDS is set to send on change.

· The EDM-RDS radio was pre-assembled by EDM, using the supplied test antenna.

· Testing on laptop.

Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.

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