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1.3.1 of SuperStar Sequence Editor is available


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Version 1.3.1 of the SuperStar Sequence Editor is now available. New in 1.3.1 is:

1) Group Modify - ability to modify one or more attributes of a group selection
2) Pause - While paused, the rewind and forward buttons will step through the sequence in "freeze-frame"
3) Ability to configure the controllers to be at the top or the bottom of the ribbons
4) Auto-repeat for the rewind and forward buttons (click and hold will repeat)
5) The first 45 seconds of the Wizards in Winter sequence

Group Modify is a very powerful feature that greatly speeds up the development and fine tuning of a sequence. I used it when creating the Wizards in Winter sequence for 2 CCRs. For example, in the part of the sequence where there are several morphs that go round in circles, you can select those morphs and change just the trail color of all the morphs.

-Brian Bruderer

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