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S2 Version 2.8.6 Released


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Version 2.8.6 of the software has been released. A brief summary of the changes will be listed later in this post, but first:

For the complete change log, please refer to the help file's "What's New" page, which you can see online at:


You can get the installer for the new version from the software download page:


If that page says a version number other than 2.8.6, please try hitting your browser's "refresh" button.

Now, a brief summary of the changes:

  • RGB Channels: A single row in a sequence representing lights that can change colors (for example, a pixel on a Cosmic Color Ribbon).
  • Color Fade Tool: A new effect tool for getting RGB channels to change from one color to another.
  • Repeat Tool: A tool to quickly repeat copies of the selected effects immediately following the selection.
  • Intelligent Fade Tool: Fade up or fade down, depending upon which way you drag your mouse, or smoothly fill an empty area between two intensities by clicking without dragging.
  • Fill Tool: Smoothly fill an empty area between two intensities.
  • Chase Tool: Quickly chase a pattern through channels and time.
  • Paste from Foreground: A new paste option that doesn't paste any portions of the copy buffer that are completely off.
  • Insert Device: A new way to add channels to a sequence, automatically set up to represent a particular device (such as a Cosmic Color Ribbon or a 16 channel LOR/CTB).
  • Tools Panel: A panel on the left-hand side of the Sequence Editor giving quick access to various sorts of tools.
  • Recent Tools: A subpanel of the Tools Panel; lists the tools that you have used recently, letting you switch to one of them with a mouse click.
  • Saved Tools: Another subpanel of the Tools Panel; lists tools that you have saved for future availability. Again, you can switch to one of them with a mouse click.
  • Clipboards: Another subpanel of the Tools Panel, letting you have multiple clipboards instead of the single one that was in previous versions of LOR, quickly switch between them, save them for future availability, control options such as paste by cell/paste by time, and more.
  • Freeform grids with equally spaced timings: In previous versions, if you said to use equally spaced timings when a sequence was created, its initial timing grid would be a fixed timing grid. Now, you can choose between having it fixed or freeform.
  • Select multiple files in the Hardware Utility's MP3 tab: You can now select multiple files at once in the HWU's MP3 tab, using standard Windows methods such as Shift-Click.
  • Tabbed sequences: The Sequence Editor now shows a list of tabs across the top of the open sequences (when the sequences are maximized), one tab per sequence. Clicking on a tab will switch to the sequence associated with that tab.
  • Tools menu hotkeys changed: Various hotkeys on the Tools menu have changed, to try to minimize overlap and to give unique hotkeys to as many "high profile" tools as possible.
  • Keyboard editing keys changed: Several keyboard editing keystrokes have changed, to make room for new functions (such as the Chase tool and Fill tool).
  • Off effect via Delete key: The "Delete" key now applies an off effect to the selection.
  • Keyboard's background/foreground selectors changed: Previously, there were keystrokes for turning on background effects mode, foreground effects mode, and regular effects mode (with "turn on regular effects" meaning "turn off background and foreground effects"). Now, there is a keystroke to toggle background mode on and off, and another to toggle foreground on and off.
  • Shimmer and twinkle display: Shimmer and twinkle effects, as displayed in the sequence grid, now look different than they did, to hopefully make them more noticeable and recognizable. This only affects how they look in the Sequence Editor; it does not affect how they make your lights behave at all.
  • Text of channel buttons: The text of channel buttons used to always be black, which, depending upon the current colors of the buttons, could make them hard or even impossible to read. They now change between black and white, whichever is easier to read at that particular moment.
  • Offline Registration Utility: The installer now distributes this application, which can be used on an online computer to help register an offline computer, without needing to call LOR Customer Support (although offline registration via calling LOR Customer Support is still available).
  • Bug fix - paste by cell: Paste by cell wasn't working properly in all situations, specifically when the events copied didn't completely coincide with timing cells.
  • Bug fix - dragging channels: Dragging channel buttons wouldn't work properly if you scrolled the channel list while dragging.
  • Bug fix - animation to musical, and vice versa: Various issues prevented people from successfully converting animation sequences to musical sequences, and vice versa.
  • Bug fix - DMX, fade, and intensity tool windows retain positions: If any of these windows was closed by clicking on their "X", the next time it was opened, it would not be opened in the same location it had been when it was closed.
  • Bug fix - paste button: The paste button (on the toolbar) would only become enabled after a copy was done - i.e. if you opened the Sequence Editor and did a cut, rather than a copy, the paste button would stay disabled (until you later did a copy).
  • Bug fix - New/Open dialog and spurious changes to sequences: After the New/Open dialog closed, sometimes the sequence "under" the dialog would behave as if the mouse had been clicked on it. This could cause, for example, the current tool to be applied to some cell of the sequence, or a channel's property dialog to be opened.

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