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Guitar Hero Mega Tree Chasing Lights


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Hey Everyone,
I fell in love with the chasing lights on the mega tree in the Guitar Hero video last year.


Several people liked the chasing lights and we wanted to include them in our 2010 show; however, I haven't seen anyone address how it was done. Can someone comment or advise?

Thanks! Can't believe we started getting ready for our display today! I think I'm going to make a lighted sign that says "Are you ready for the 2010 Christmas Display" to put in the yard in September.

This will be our third year and we went from 16 to 112! Can't wait for the 2010 show! 116 Days to Opening Night!

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Are you referring to the circles of lights mounted outside the mega tree?

I would do them by;

make your circles out of 3/4" pvc and cut them in half. Join the 2 halves together using 45 degree fittings. Then wrap the pipe with your lights.

Cut the trunk of the tree and insert 45 degree fittings (you need 2 per circle 1 up, 1 down) at the heights you want.

Use pipe to connect the circles to the trunk.

I'm sure there are other ways to do it, that's just the way I would construct it.

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