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Check my video for my new Halloween Animation Sequence 16 Channels AWESOME!

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Check this out guys! I have a link below to my new LOR music lights animation video for you. Not too shabby considering I only got my new LOR system on September 7, and completed and successfully tested my sequence in my MPEG controller card by Septemebr 14! I love the SD card portability!

This is my first sequence, which I made for Halloween. My lab/garage is where I setup a mini layout of my Halloween layout for the front yard.

I'm only doing 16 power packed channels for Halloween, but will be doing 64 for Xmas. Don't let the fact that it's only 16 channels fool you, it packs a wallup!

I used "WIzards In Winter" because I feel it is better suited for Halloween becuase of it's playful and mischeivous notes and beats.

As the photo here shows, I built a ring of 12 lighted pumpkins, and an orange rope light to simulate the yard border, which will actually run down the driveway and along the front curb of the house in the finished product. Note how this rope light fades and pulses to the beat during the video. You can also see my Ramsey FM30B transmitter on the floor to the left of the controller, transmitting my audtio to cars that drive by. It plugs into the audio output jack of the MP3 card on the controller.

I also plan to use some of my mini trees that I built out of wire easels from Jo Ann's Fabrics. I built them using the new 100 string white LED mini lights, 300 on each tree. These LEDS are awesome, whiter than white, unlike the old clear mini bulbs. They almost look like white stars, and in the video you can see how they almost strobe to the beat, so I'll use them behind the fog on my front yard "cemetary". When it's all setup at Halloween, I'll shoot another video of the real setup in action.

Anyway, I hope you guys like this, it took me 10 hours to design this sequence, and I used every possible microsecond of the song to light something, it's a very complicated piece.

Be sure to post your comments or suggestions here on my sequence.

Here's the video, it's a standard Windows Media Video (WMV), 5.8 MB download, should take about 5 seconds before it buffers and starts playing:



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Target sells these pumkins every year.

In fact I was in there yesterday buying LED halloween lights, and saw them again this year. It's a kind of rubber material and each pumkin is sold seperaztely about $8 and has a single C9 bulb inside it.

The orange rubber pumkins glow nicely. What I plan to do is replace the bulb with a C9 LED if I can find some.

Target also sells these pumkins in green and purple as well.

I usually snap up a bunch of them the day after halloween at 50% off. So over the last 3 seasons, I have amassed over a dozen of them.

Target also sells a similar pumkin made out of a hard opaque plastic, instead of the glow through rubber material. That hard plastic pumkin is made to more accurately resemble a real carved pumkin, with an opaque body, and just a glowing mouth and eyes, but they look ho-hum to me.

I prefer these rubber pumkins better, and as you saw in the video, they glow really nicely.

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Very nice piece. You did a really great job. It must have been exciting setting it all up and seeing them dance. Ahhhh, I love this time of year.

We need to see it when it's all laid out for Halloween.

Trick ot Treat :].


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The Target in my area is not selling these kind of pumpkins this year. I was just in there yesterday looking at them all. They do have the hard opaque plastic ones, just not the translucent ones.

I ended up just buying 16 of the Plastic Pumpkin Trick or Treat pails for $1 each and cut a hole in the bottom and put in flood lamp holder with a 40 watt bulb (I have a ton of flood lamp holders for the upcoming Christmas show)

They don't look as nice as the ones you use, but most of my money is going towards my Christmas show this year.

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I checked out those LEDs at Walgreens. What they have are boxes of a 25 LED ornage ministrawberry shape LEDs. They are 2 for $10.

Meantime, here is the Animation screen shot for my setup of all the pumkins in a circle.

The L shape you see there represents the orange rope light border that will run down my driveway and across the front curb.

Attached files 68516=4147-junk.jpg

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I'm now working on my new 16 channel sequence right now for "This is Halloween" from Nightmare Before Christmas. I spent an hour trying to find my old Blue Oyster Cult CD called Cultosaurus Erectus, which has a perfect song for Halloween called "Black Blade". What a great song, got good airplay in 1980 when it came out.

Damn wouldn't you know, every CD in my 500+ cd colelction is accounted for, but I can't find my B.O.C. disk!

Heck, even my Milli Vanilli CD is still there on the shelf! Oh the humanity!

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I just realized yesterday while checking out a Blue Oyster Cult album that another song to consider from them might be "Joan Crawford Has Risen From The Grave".

Another song too from Blue Oyster Cult if you run out of Halloween song ideas is their most famous song, "Godzilla"

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