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Animation Picture?


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Hi everyone,

This is probably a very basic question I just need help being pointed in the right direction. I have not used the animation portion of the sequence editor - ever, I was wondering how difficult it is too take a picture of my house and insert it into the animation window. I am hoping that it will help my sequencing go a little quicker. This is my 5th year with LOR and now at 160 channels, looking for a few ways to help the process.


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The actual inserting of the picture is very easy, just import any jpeg.

But the hard and time consuming part is actually selecting the pixels (cells) and assigning them to a controller to correspond with what your house/yard will look like.


When you take the picture, try not to have any extraneous border (not used space) framed around your house/yard. The bigger you can make your subject look, the easier it will be to add your "lights" to it.

But if you have any photo editing software, you can also crop it (for maximum closeness) before you import it to LOR.

Sorry if some of my terminology does not make sense...

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Yeah, what Jim said!

Importing a digital image is the easy part. Defining the pixel relations for your channels is waaaaaaaaaay (in George's words) more time consuming. And changing them later to accomodate a change in your plans is a real bummer. Make sure you have your channels the way you want them before you start adding the light pixels to your animation.


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There is an alternative to LOR...and that is Light Show Pro (Sheesh..I'm starting to sound like a salesman) which is just the software to run things like LOR controllers.

It is very easy to add lights in their visualizer and a lot more options for sequencing.

Check out some of their video tutorials at:


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