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What files??...???

Paul B. Anderson

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If there is a thread about this, please direct me, i've looked a little...

What I am trying to do is simply clean up a bit. I have moved my sequences to a laptop via disc/flash drive from a PC; but I have a mess. One problem is that when opening LOR, the sequences that show up are the LOR Demos, and a separate folder w/my other sequences - how do I make that folder disappear, and just open that folder on startup; I mean along w/the demos, this folder should be open w/all sequences, not open a seperate folder...I don't wanna have to look around and search for stuff, it should all be right there.

Next - specifically what ".xxx" (audio) files does LOR look for to run? There are several ".xxx" files avail. for the audio, and I want to direct it to the correct one, and not have to search for it every time I open the sequence. I have tried to "click and drag" an audio file to the LOR audio folder, and it says "file already exists", but I have to direct it to the other folder every time, even after saving the sequence.

p.s. I use Audacity for all audio, so that may be creating other folders/audio not needed...??

Paul B. Anderson, just trying to clean up, get rid of extra crap...

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Okay, going to make some educated guesses here. I presume you are talking about the setup of your laptop and the LOR files.

When opening a sequence, LOR looks in the Windows Registry to determine what directory it needs to open. To change this, you want to open your Light-O-Rama program directory, (usually C:Program FilesLight-O-Rama) and run the "LORPost.exe" file. This will mimic the first time you opened the sequence editor, and give you a chance to reset the directories.

A note about audio: Since you moved the audio files to a new computer the path might not be the same. If that is the case, then you have no choice but to re-associate the media with the sequence each time. If the directories are the same, the LORPost.exe program will have fixed the issue.

If after saving a sequence (and not moving files around) you are having to re-associate the audio with the sequence, something has gone haywire. I would suggest an re-install.

As for what audio files LOR will support, I would open your sequence editor, and click on "New -> New Musical Sequence" Look near the bottom for the "All Supported Files" drop-down and click there. As you will see, there are way too many to me to type out here, but those are the ones LOR will support.

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Thanks Don,

I was able to clean up all unneeded files by starting over again, without re-installing the software. I basically deleted all sequence and audio files - somehow way too many folders had appeard
As for my second question, I didn't need to know what audo files are supported (thank-you, though), but rather which ones to keep - there were soooo many...e.g., Mysong_data, Mysong.lpx, Mysong.bak, Mysong....ect., all belonging to the same song. Sooooooo, I just deleted all, went back to my PC, and selectively copied files to a flash drive, and dropped them into a single folder for audio. Then I made a seperate folder for all ".bak" files. Everything seems to be working well now; we'll see.

Thanx again, Don, for your response.

Paul B. Anderson, a little less confused and cleaner now.

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