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Musical Sequence Editor adds 15 blank seconds to the front of an MP3(Resolved)

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Has anyone seen this issue?

I read in my MP3 file into the mucial sequencer, which I know is 11:58 long.

Once the tapper wizard completed the 5 second count down, the song should start, but you hear nothing for about 15 seconds, you just see the counter going, and it counts to about 15 seconds, then the song finially starts, and is read in in its entirety, falwlessly.

It will play ok in the software, but the length of the song is showing up about 15 to 20 seconds too long, and there is 15 seconds of silence at the beginning of the sequence before the music starts.

Is this normal operating procedure, or is there a bug in the software?

Is there a way to delete the blank seconds from the beginning of the file? I could not find it in the instruction guide.


LOR 64 channel system just purchased last week.

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The LOR software uses a Windows Media Player API to play music and it the Windows Media Player API that has made the decision to add those addtional 15 seconds to the start of the song.

We have seen this happen but it is pretty rare. We generally fix the problem using Audacity. Audacity is a free audio editor. Usually all we have to do is open the file in Audacity than save it as an MP3 file. When Audacity re-encodes the MP3 file it gets rid of the issue that confuses the Windows Media Player API....

If you do not have access to Audacity or another audio editor you can email the MP3 file to us at info@lightorama.com and we will run it through Audacity for you.

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