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Help with the Sequence editor!!!!!!

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Nope, not dumb at all. Mainly because give me a day or two, and I'll be search all over this forum for the same answers!!! :cool:

Assuming that you have the animation or musical sequence completed, and you have created the animation, as Santa's Helper mentioned just click on View, Animation.

If, by chance, you haven't created an animation, again do the same as above, but then click on the 'Draw' radio button, and create your image for the various channels you're running.

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txstraitfan4 wrote:

Hello this might sound kinda dumb but..........

i need help with the sequence editor okay i have my show designed already but how do i get it blicking with my lights.

Two most common reasons that the lights do not blink when you click the play button.

1. The channel configurations are not setup... This is where you tell the sequence that the channels are LOR controllers and which controllers and circuits they are.

2. The comm port is not setup correctly. Under the Edit->Preferences->Network Preferences

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