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  1. I'm having an issue with some (about 8 out of 14) of my songs not syncing up correctly. The difficulty I'm having is that they appear to be synced up perfectly in LOR Visualizer. The lights seem to be firing off about 1-2 seconds too early compared to the music. I've gone through my mp3 files and verified they are at 128Kpbs and at a constant bit rate. It's confusing because almost 1/2 the songs run perfect, and I can't tell what is different about them compared to the ones that aren't working. Any advice you can give is appreciated! My setup: 1 CTB16PCg3 Controller 4 LOR1602Wg3 Controllers 4 LOR CCR's 1 LOR CCB with controller 8 dumb RBG ribbons with CMB24D controller 1 ShowTime Central with miniDirector & FM Transmitter
  2. Report Number:JMW002 Module: Visualizer Software Version: 4.0.0 OS Version: MS Windows 7 Pro,Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 Description: In the simulation mode/window, all lights/fixtures/props play properly except that they are not in the proper position. All lights are lower on the screen with respect to the picture. This is true for all but I will comment on several. Please see the attached screen shot photo. In the house at the top, the green lines (which actually represent ice cycle strands, appear to be running through the center of the windows. They are setup to run along the eves of the house. On the far right of the house is a rectangle of white lights that appear to be in the yard (these represent net lights). They should be shown on the front of the bushes above them. The problem seems to get worse the farther down the display screen that you go. Notice on the bottom house that the green eve lights are displaced even more than on the house at the top of the screen. All of the lights display in the proper relative position in the design window. Please note that both the sequence file and the visualizer file were developed in S3 v 3.10.0 and earlier and displayed properly. Repeatability: This happens every time that I try it, even with restarting the computer, the sequence editor, and the visualizer. Hardware Used: The actual lights, via the controllers are working fine.
  3. I am going to build a matrix that is 75x14 pixels, with an outline of 150 nodes around the edge. I have it set up in XLights, and I can do it in FPP (I am now testing out FPP to see what I should run my show with). I want to control it with a Pixlite 4. It has four outputs, obviously. I want four of the fourteen lines on one, four on another, four on another, then three. But I don't see how I can set this up, because the visualiser only allows 170 pixels per universe. The Pixlite can have pixels spanning multiple universes, but I know the visualiser can't. Is it not at all possible to set this up?
  4. I have saved an intensity file and see it in my Sequence Editor. I configured my layout in Pixel Editor with 4 arches and some simple effects. They play back great in Pixel Editor but no way to see them once in SE. Should I be using Visualizer, import that into Pixel Editor and then save Intensity File. I tried this when experimenting but everything went haywire after changing the props in PE. ie I selected arches and changed their attributes. After an hour of troubleshooting I decided to draw the layout in PE. I appreciate any help. Ron
  5. I have been working with LOR Support for a few days on this and feel I am spinning in my wheels. Perhaps you folks can help. I am planning next year's show and am trying to lay out the lighting I want in Visualizer. I want to use CCBs and CCRs. I am using the CCR Draw Wizard for my eaves. There are two strings (50 bulbs each) for each controller. Support says to add +1 or (PLUS ONE) to the second strand and keep the same Unit ID. Visualizer will not let me do this. I get errors about pixels. Support told me to go to the Hardware Utility and choose Dual Mode. I can't do that because I don't have the controllers. I want to lay this out to help me decide how many and which controllers to get. The only way I have this working with Super Star is by giving each 50 bulb string its own Unit ID. I have rad the manuals about CCBs and Pixel Addressing options. ie Mast/Slave but I find nowhere in Visualizer to set this up, nor can I add +1 to a string of CCBs. I am pulling my hair out at this point just to stay in the LOR world. Is this one of the reasons so many jump into the DMX world? I appreciate any advice. I am including my Visualizer file if that help. I quickly added more Mini Trees, a Mega Tree and a Star. I attempted to put the Mega Tree and Star on another Network (Aux A) but Super Star did not like that. I though I could start over with Unit ID 1 on Aux A network. So I put everything back on Regular Network with last Unit Id being 44. It all shows up in Super Star but when I test with Instant Sequence none of my Snowflakes turn on. I can manually sequence these to turn on. This leads me to think too much is on one network? Eaves are CCBs, Mini Trees are CCPs, Arches and Mega Tree are CCRs. Not sure what to use for the Mega Tree Star. It has 5 layers. Ron 408 Edgewood for 2016_V2.lee
  6. Hello.. Ive been working on laying out the hole in pixels but when i try to do a test.. creating random effects in SE and play them nothing happens in the visualizer.. is there some setting im missing for the visualizer to display dmx pixels??? any help would be great running 4.2.10 Pro licence
  7. Since one gateway or controller manages power and controls two 50 light sets I figured the box would use one ID. However, when configuring Visualizer it assigns each set with its own Unit ID. My question is does the gateway/controller support two IDs or am I supposed to manually configure the 100 lights to work from one ID on the gateway/controller? At least my configuration is working in SuperStar. I used CCR Wizard to create rooflines and windows. Thanks for any help offered.
  8. I purchased my LOR toys late in the year (November) and by watching the tutorial videos, lots of trial & error, a couple of calls/emails to support and plenty of dumb luck, I was able to pull off 95% of what I had hoped to do. I would like to be a lot better prepared and a whole lot more knowledgeable heading into next year. I would like to understand the software better (particularly programming the Visualizer for RGB), learn to program for DMX and get a better handle on the hardware and controllers. Where can I go to learn more? Are there classes / seminars available? Lot of good info on the forums, but if I could sit in a classroom for a day or a weekend, I think it would be more productive for me. Right now, I'm seeing references to lots of terms and acronyms that I'm certain most experienced people recognize and understand but are passing above my head. Once I have the basics, those posts will be much more helpful and informative for me.
  9. My Mega Tree, well, has not been so Mega the past few years. It's definitely the weakest link of my show. Yeah, yeah - my neighbors, my family and my friends all think my show is awesome. (And rain on everyone else...) For awhile, I even thought a 16 channel 16 strand multi-color LED mega tree was very cool. But now I know it's very weak in the mega tree arena. The past year I've known I needed a tree make-over. I just didn't know if I wanted a CCR tree, a pixel tree, an upgraded LED light strand tree, just more colors, just more strands - or exactly what. Oh me, oh my - the options - my head was spinning faster than my weak tree could..... So what to do to solve this mega of a problem? Come to the best forum for researching answers. The answers are always here. You just have to look and you will find most of them. Or post a question and - wha lah - the answers will come to you - fast. So I've been reading posts from many, many of you. PM counseling from some of you - SPECIAL THANKS to Santas Helper, Papa6058, Lightzilla, Mike G and dgrant to name a few.... Continuous studying and analyzing... My front yard area to the street is very narrow to work with. So my tree is very close to the street. So a 20 ft high tree would be about the maximum height to not be getting sued for neck injuries. Also, being that close to the viewing area limits the dazzling effects of a CCR style show. So I'm now ready to move forward.... I have decided I want to go with C-6 LEDs for a 4 color super-strand style set-up; RWB-G. (Coloring order in honor of you great people who served our country to give me the freedom to be working on this mega project...) I started with a 16 channel tree, so I think adding to that setup would be easiest sequencing with some of the songs I want to reuse. However, Lightzilla has pointed out to me the many options the 12 channel trees can bring. We agreed - both setups can really rock a mega tree. So I still need to decide 64 channel or 48 channel? The decision has to be made before the CDI and HLE pre-sales are over. I know, this post is getting long, but for those of you still reading, here's what I need to help finalize: Do any of you have a visualizer file and a few sequences you could share? I would like both 48 and 64 channel versions. My final decision will be made after George Simmons' Sequence U class is under my belt. Which by the way George, I'm very excited to be attending.... Thanks to all in advance for any sharing or additional thoughts you might have. - Daniel dcdpkpr@cox.net He's one showing my current weak tree: Thanks again to Mateo for sharing this sequence to get it started...
  10. We would like the lights to come on at 5;15pm. First show start at 5:30pm. Loop through with 10min breaks Then stop the show at 9pm but still have the lights on till 12am. I run the controller using the uMP3g3. i was hoping i could set it up on a dumb plug in timer like we did our old dumb lights, but im thinking the controller loses it time by power cycling like that? Really dont want to run a PC all the time just for the controller. Any tips to make this happen would be greatly appreciated! Happy Holidays!
  11. I created a new visualization file. The file contains DMX, normal LOR devices and Symbols. When I try to load the visualization into SuperStar it errors and does not function correctly. I've attached the visualization file. Software Version 4.2.10. 2015 Visualization.zip
  12. I know there are symbols available, but I think a useful enhancement in the Visualizer and Pixel Editor would be to allow the import of a graphic image and to allow for the graphic to be faded in and out based on channel intensity. So in my case I have a life size dancing santa in my display. Instead of having to draw a "light" representation of him I'd like to add a fixture that is a graphic picture of a santa and let it use that in my preview. Thanks Howard
  13. LOR Visualizer is unable to play SE when SE has multiple sequence files open. I presume this is because SE has an option to play one or all sequences and it doesn't know what to do. I would suggest that it should play the currently selected sequence in SE. Regards, Howard
  14. Using Visualizer 4.2.10. The naming conventions are inconsistent. I created props and let it name everything... When I created my 32 channel mega tree, it used this format: [Mega 1 - DMX Pixels XX] where XX is a zero filled double digit number from 01 to 32. When I created my 8 channel trees, it used this format: [Tree 1 - DMX Pixels X] where X is a single digit from 1 to 8. When I ran the rename wizard, it used this format: [Tree 1 - DMX Pixels #X] where it inserted a number sign and X is a single digit from 1 to 8. It also changed the name of my prop to be [Tree 1 - DMX Pixels] because I could not set the individual channels automatically without doing so. There is no way for me to use the rename wizard and remove the # sign without going into each and every channel and doing them manually. It would be great if they were consistent or allowed for a pattern maker to be utilized. Thanks Howard
  15. I have downloaded LOR 4.3.0 and it looks great. But i open SE all good. I opened VI and loaded my visualizer file that associated with my SE file. Press play in the visualizer and LOR Visualizer error comes up Reboot Required cannot enter simulation mode. Time is running Backwards. . i have shut down the computer. Restarted a few times and same error coming up. Any hellp would be great. thank you
  16. when I select a picture for the visualizer it loads upside down even though it is correctly orientated in my picture folder. I'm using lor 4 software and windows 10. any help would be appreciated.
  17. Thanks for any help. Matrix wizard, jumbotron. start matrix - top left vertical snake CCR pixels W 12 H 25 New/existing fixture - Recommended, checked this box Automatically assigns 12 fixtures - which leads to my problem in the RUN CHANNEL WIZARD I'm using 3 - CCP 100D-pixels. (2 strings 1 controller each) So shouldn't there just be 3 or 6 fixtures? Run Channel Wizard: (fixture CCR 01) start pixel 1 network regular Normal unit ID mode Channel Mode Triples Resolution 50 pixels base unit ID - ( I have assigned in hardware for the CCP strings to be units 4, 5, 6 ) So 4 ? Click OK to go to next one: start pixel is 26. So far seems OK as long as LOR knows that this is only 1/2 of the first string. And it is saying resolution 50 again. now it goes to Unit 5 hence the problem of being 12 fixtures. Keep clicking OK but I'm sure it is wrong. Is there a tutorial for this? I cant find one on google. All for tree's..... Help file doesn't seem to have my answer either. Thank you
  18. Ordered my new stuff for this year. 3 - CCP (50X2) strings with controller. License upgrade to 4.2.6 SS license 8_CCR Where do I start Serious - I know I will not have time to learn everything SS can do. What are the easiest steps to create my effect? Looking to create a prop that the matrix wizard sets up (Visualizer) 6 rows of 50 bulbs. All I am after this year is making a few words cross the screen, some pictures perhaps talking faces if I get good. I've been looking at the help files, tutorials, but its pretty easy to start going in circles Visualizer. 1st time I have even set that up, in the past did my sequencing without it. It is working fine with my current songs. Not sure I have the Run Channel Wizard correct for the matrix. I'm sure the Sequence editor is not the right place to work. Too many channels. SuperStar - so many choices. I do not want to program my whole show there. Already have 20 songs sequenced. Just want to create my matrix prop, program the pixels and insert it. Looks like it will be a LOT more challenging than I thought. Not afraid of it, got the sequencer understood and have been using it for a couple of years. Three 16 channel controllers. Just not sure of the order I should be learning to create what I want - without having to learn it all. At one point I think I even read I have to do something in Hardware, but I lost it.... still searching Thank you for any help.
  19. Does anyone have a HC Candy Cane (RGB) viz file you can share?
  20. Hi All I need some help... I have been spinning my wheels running through the samples with the installer and YouTube tutorials but not seeming to get any closer to the end goal. I have picked up 6 CCP controlers for the main tree which will run 24 strings by 25 pixels. I have also got an additional CCP controler to put a star at the top of the tree. In the Visualizer, i have based the main tree off the sample file "24x25Tree_4RowGlobe.lee" but as i dont have enough lights for the Globe construction i want to run two star Shapes. One at 20 Pixels (Inside Star) and one at 30 Pixels(Outside Star). I have removed the Globe and built a star shape using the "Draw Cosmic Colour Pixel" Icon. When i import the Visualization into the SuperStar Visualizer then the star always ends up on the right handside of the Tree. If you import the "24x25Tree_4RowGlobe.lee" file then it places the Globe above the tree. I have attached the File i am playing with. I am assuming i am missing a key option that makes this go to the top of the grid in the SuperStar Sequencer. Any ideas or direction to help me out so i can star getting on to building up a SuperStar Sequence? I am only new to this stuff so appologies if this is staring me in the face.... Image of the Visualizer with the Star location: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b06temlqnxpisur/Visualizer.jpg?dl=0 Thanks Steven CheneryTree.lee
  21. I have my (2) 50watt RGB floods setup in SE with their own controller I.D. #s. Channels 1-3 for RGB and 4-5 for the strobe on and strobe off. I can't figure out how to put these flood lights into my visualizer as 2 separate props. I get the 3 RGB channels setup, but can't get the strobe on & off channels into it.. I just keep going in circles. Suggestions or shortcuts? I need to get it figured out soon - the ones I ordered from the Synchronized Christmas sale show to be arriving the 18th... (Thanks for the fast service Don...) Thanks, Daniel
  22. Hi DevMike and anyone else that knows the answer to this. I created a 180 Pixel tree for 2811 pixels in Visualizer. It has 16 strings running from ground to top so it'll be edge to center and each string is 50 pixels. I ran the channel wizard and yes, DevMike I pixel packed because I only have 1 e682 controller. I get the attached error when I try and import the real visualization into SuperStar. I ran through the channels for 4 universes each one having starting pixels 1 then 51 then 101 finally 151 before going on to next universe. Then the numbering of the following universes are the same. The error mentions channel 1.0.1 but I have not entered any such channel number, at least not manually. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, DevMike...Awesome classes at the expo!! I was the guy in the front row of S4 Friday afternoon that got the signed "buttons" book. Later, Al
  23. There have been a lot of discussion on how amazing and how terrible the new software is. My jury is still out.Since I have only been working on getting my new visualizers built to my liking, I can't feel good about forming an opinion either way. That said, Are there going to be some sort of video tutorials on how to properly use the new Pixel editor and then integrate it with S4 sequence editor and Superstar? Superstar, no problem, Love it. Sequence editor, no problem but haven't used it in 2 or 3 years to sequence with. Pixel Editor, I'm totally lost. I know it's probably already been asked, but how does it all mesh together? My Jedi reflexes can't be that rusty. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  24. I updated to S3 ver 3.12.2 with Superstar and want to use Pixels for a 12 string tree. When I loaded the new Visualizer file to SS (horizontal) it created the grids with the pixels strings at the bottom of the grid. Then when I tried to play one of the SS sequences from last year, it started to control pixels on the pixel tree instead of the original props it was suppose to control. I assumed that SS controls channels by position on the grid so I used the SS DMX Keywords in the comment field of the Visualizer prop screen to position all my original props at the bottom of the grid and the pixel strings at the top. Now none of my one color white props will function. When I play back, they won't show up on the SS stage nor will the prop channels export to the Sequence Editor. As a note, I downloaded S4 to a separate computer and this problem still occurs. I was able to narrow the problem down some. This will only occur if I use a DMX keyword. If I delete the Keywords, then white will work again. Anybody else have this problem?
  25. Information to report: Report Number: JLM 02 Module: Visualizer Software Version: 4.0.14 OS Version: Windows 7 Home Pro Description: Selecting Visualizer on top and selecting simulation mode when data is being sent results in the visualizer ALWAYS on top when the Control Panel is running. Minimizing the visualizer only result in it bouncing back to the front, preventing any editing and even preventing you from selecting the Play icon in the sequence editor. Repeatability: Select the radio button for the visualizer on top when data is being sent. Select Simulation mode. (open sequencer and visualizer through the control panel) After the visualzer switches to the simualation mode, task swap to the sequencer (visualizer will pop back to the front covering up the sequencer and preventing you from selecting the play icon or anything else. Only way out is to stop the visualizer simulation mode. Only way to make it work is strart the play mode in the sequencer and task swap to the visulaizer then select the simualtion mode while the sequence is playing. Hardware Used: This is ALL without any lights or controllers connected.
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