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  1. I had to reload my hard drive due to some other problems not related to LOR. I actually used a different hard to reload it, then copied the whole Light-O-Rama directory to the new hard drive. When I open Visualizer and then open the current .LEE file, the picture is there but all the props are gone that I created on the old hard drive. Any idea where they are? Is it a separate file in a different directory? Please help me, I don't want to have to recreate all those props.
  2. For several years I have been running my horizontal Matrix of 12 CCR's through several E1.31 to DMX bridges This all runs fine and I use the Superstar editor and have all my channels set up correctly. Xlights 3 and 4 also run fine with this configuration. I run my matrix from bottom Left. Here is how I set them up for information Purposes. Universe 2 - channel 1 to 150 (bottom strip) - CCR address 9 Universe 2 - channel 161 to 310 (bottom strip) - CCR address a Universe 2 - channel 321 to 470 (bottom strip) - CCR address b Universe 3 - channel 1 to 150 (bottom strip) - CCR address c
  3. Bug: Horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the matrix wizard does not work. Have to stretch the window out horizontally to get to the properties, including the OK button. Version 4.0.14 Verified on 2 different computers. Computer 1: Generic clone desktop, i7-960 processor, 12 Gig RAM, Windows 8.1, 256 Gig SSD + 1 Gig HDD + 4 Gig NAS. Computer 2: Dell Inspiron E1705 laptop, heavily upgraded, T9600 processor, 4 Gig Ram, Windows 8.1, 160 Gig SSD. See Also: Post in Open Beta General Comments regarding Visualizer Matrix Wizard
  4. When creating a matrix of DMX smart RGB Pixels in the visualizer, the option to "create the minimum number of fixtures" creates FULL universes of 170 pixels. (The other 2 options are even less desirable). I am trying to create a flag which is 48 X 24 pixels, and is evenly divided into 8 universes of 144 pixels each. (which allows it to be easily split into 4 pieces for storage) In the fixture properties for the universes it creates, the number of pixels is locked and cannot be selected or edited. This is not a problem in the Matrix Wizard of the Preview editor of the Pixel editor - it allo
  5. Report Number:KH01 Module: Visualizer Software Version: 4.0.8 OS Version: MS Windows 8.1 Description: I have two monitors, with the visualizer open on the secondary monitor. When I press the simulation mode (play) button the rendering window opens up in the center of the main monitor. I move the window to my preferred location, and close it. When I open the simulation window again, it once again centers itself on the main monitor. The older visualizer remembered its position. Repeatability: Happens every time I press the simulation mode button regardless of if I close the visual
  6. The S4 update when released will introduce a new advanced rendering engine for the Visualizer. Here are some things you should be aware of when you move to S4. When Simulation mode is active, a portion of the program called 'The Renderer' is put in charge. It is the Renderer's job to take the commands coming from the sequence editor, translate and update your fixtures and props, and then display those results on your screen as a picture. The Visualizer has 2 different rendering engines that can be used depending on your computer's hardware. When possible, you should always use the 'Advanced
  7. I didn't get any response to this in the Beta General Comments, so I'll give it a shot here... I have a few questions on crossing universe boundaries. I've used the visualizer to create 8 corners for my house. Each corner has 75 pixels. My first corner starts on u2,C1 (universe 2, Channel 1). Since those are created using the "master pixel" method, I would set the first corner as U2, Pixel 1, and the second corner as U2, Pixel 76, Third as U2, Pixel 151... Now comes the problem. My forth corner would start at U2, Pixel 226.. that is to say, U3, Pixel 56 (channel 168).. BUT.. there ar
  8. Well this might take a while... 2 hours and only 10 fixtures so far and probably 40 more to go. At least it will look good when i am done. https://www.dropbox.com/s/krgq7w9qfxslrs3/2015%20Christmas%20Visualization%20Screen%20Capture.PNG?dl=0 -Chris-
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