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  1. I often see folks wanting to try their hand at RGB, but they're not sure how to install them. The RGB strips are fragile and need support or they'll quickly fail. Unfortunately, that would dictate lots of work, but we wanted a fast, cheap and easy way to mount our RGB strips without punching holes in the siding and we came up with this idea which may or may not help give you some ideas on your installation. Three years ago, we took inexpensive 1"x2" lumber (about $1 ea), ripped them in half to give us 8' sections of 1"x1". We painted, trimmed to length and prepared to wire tie the RGB strips
  2. In need of help! I'm trying to control 5v dc motors with LOR. This shouldn't be too complicated. I don't need speed control. Just on and off. I have been told that I need to use relays with motors and can't connect directly to LOR. I have a CMB16D controller, or a Servodog controller that I can use. I also have a 5v relay (sad-05vdc-so-c), as well as a DPDT relay... So I believe I have the right components. I have been playing around trying to wire this up but have had no luck. I'm in over my head! Haha. If anyone has some guidance or instructions you could help me with, I would be so
  3. I would like to add a twinkling effect to my light shows his year. Some magic to my Disney sequence. I currently have qty 10 C9 xenon strobes lights that. I purchased from Wow Lights. I love these, but they are so darn expensive. Does anyone have a more cost effective way to do this. I was hoping to find some twinkling LEDs or something like that to work? Thanks! Dennis
  4. Greetings fellow light fanatics! I'm new to the LOR family, having just made the plunge last month. I bought the ShowTime Central package, which gives me access to the basic-plus version with SuperStar Demo, thinking that this gives me everything I need to get started. I also splurged and bought the Plug-N-Show pre-programmed SD card, in case I ran out of time and didn't get to build my own sequences. I shouldn't have worried... In less than two weeks, I've got three sequences completed that will provide an awesome 10 minute show using just the dumb LED light strings that I've been coll
  5. I recently converted a snowflake to dumb RGB. Was purchased from a retail Target store. Short video at:
  6. OK - I was truly tempted to title this something like "Getting It UP - there" but I refrained... Three years ago with the building of our Munkhouse Jump Pole for our Mega tree, we did a good job building the pole and placing it in the receiver in the front yard where we attached 32 bands of 25 pixels. Then we tried to raise it up. I appreciated the help from my friends, but the circus clowns have nothing on our Saturday show. Not wanting to see that happen again, I set out to build a lifter that was quick and simple. Harbor Freight provided the 12VDC power winch, The steel shop provid
  7. This year i wanted to livestream my display on youtube so that famly members and friends could see the display form other countries, Has anyone on this forum livestreamed their display? I was thinking of using an old CCTV camera and running the wires to an easy cap (RCA to usb converter) and having that run into youtubes livestream feature.
  8. Drew (holidaytechnologies.com) converted my AL controllers to work with the Light o Rama software. He was fast, efficient, and his customer service is incredible. My controllers now work properly with my Light o Rama software and I couldn't be happier in the LOR world. I would highly recommend him for this service if you have AL controllers to convert to LOR. Thanks Drew for all your help.
  9. Hey all, I'm looking at purchasing the CMB24D Controller + 8 RGB single pixel ribbon. The idea is to create a smaller mega-tree with 8 rows, or if it doesn't look dense enough, add to my existing megatree (link below). According to the store info, it requires an external power supply and enclosure. I really have no idea what I'm looking for there. It looks like there's a PSU available on the website here: http://store.lightorama.com/1260waposu.html, is that any good? What enclosures would you recommend? How hard is it for a noob to cable this up? Is soldering required? Is this really the
  10. Here's one network that involves most of the current control devices including Guest song voting control from their iPads/smartphones. Thanks BobO ! I drew this to help a friend out the other day and thought I'd share it to help others. The diagram shows how a combination wired and wireless network can overcome most any display obstacle. This design uses the show computer as a bridge allowing the show computer to sit on the home network, but also keeps the display traffic off the home network - which any family will highly appreciate. Some more fortunate folks use two computers -
  11. I want to incorporate some linear actuators into my Halloween show. I have some frightprops controllers, but was hoping to use LOR because the 3 axis skull I have, is using the Servo board. I wanted the linear actuators to open the lid of my column slowly, and then raise the platform of the skull up. One the sequence was finished, I then wanted to lower the platform, and close the lid. So, how should I wire the linear actuators so they can function with LOR, or how can I wire LOR and the frightprops controller together, so at least LOR could trigger the frightprops controller? Thanks in
  12. hi first go at dmx using lor software problem is i made up a test sequence in lor running it though a separate com port (5) though a holiday dongle version 2 into cat5 and into a ray wu 27 channel dmx unit . but the lights are not going on as programmed into lor ,( they are going on all over the 27 channels) but seem to be in a consistant pattern) ) the lor listener is working fine i am getting dmx signal at the dongle (green flashing light) on the controller the red light is flashing has any one had this problem or can solve it for me ? thanks in advance
  13. Good Morning, I have a 64 channel set up. I had no plan or idea when I started. After 4 years I am to the point of starting over with the whole rewiring with extension cords. I have used 3, 6 and 15 foot extension cords. I now know what my basic layout is and will stay. I would like to splice together the different extension cords to meet the length that I will need to get to that part of my layout. Next time I will buy a 1000 foot roll but for right now I need to use what I have. For example I am using 10 15' cords to reach my longest point. I see no problem with splicing the existing c
  14. I have attached a picture of my display (2014). It was my best display to date (11K, 100% LED, $10 for Electricity ). I have moved away from AirBlown inflatables and Yard Reindeers for a more modernist look. The actual white strands of the house occupied all channels of my Light O rama, whilst the rest was static. Im my personal opinion it looked contemporary, substantial, but not overdone (If thats even possible). However, I keep getting the feeling it was not "just right". Some essence was missing. This year I have purchased a few hundred boxes of Multi LEDs, as I feel the house was too b
  15. Well, I thought I posted this a few days ago but I think I may have forgot to click submit. Obviously I'm new here, new to LOR as well. I did decorate may home with about 5000 LED lights last year using a Gemmy 6 outlet "controller." It was fun, but I wanted more individual control. So far I have been playing with the LOR software, the only hardware I have is the USB adapter and a CMB24 controller. I'm anxiously awaiting the spring sale so I can get a few AC controllers! As my first project / experiment in this realm I plan to re wire some old solar landscaping lights with 12v re
  16. I'm new here and new to the hobby (although I did use a gemmy "controller" with about 5000 LED lights last year). I have been playing with the software but the only hardware but all I own so far is the CMB24 which I got from the synchronized Christmas spring sale. I'm anxiously awaiting the LOR spring sale so I can get a few AC controllers! I have ordered some dumb RGB lights and rectangular modules from holidaycoro, waiting for those to come. I also have a 12 v, 400w (33 amp) power supply on order. For my first project / experiment I plan to use the RGB modules for landscape lightin
  17. I have an E1.31 network already running and can control it from software. How do I figured out the DMX addresses so I can control it from a DMX controller?
  18. Currently (v3.12.0) to create DMX RGB pixels in the Visualizer you must create them one pixel at a time using the "Single Bulb" tool. This can be difficult if you have a large number of pixels, and since each bulb counts as a fixture in the Visualizer you are limited to 1000 pixels because the Visualizer only allows 1000 fixtures. In the next release of S3 the Visualizer will have a DMX Pixel tool that will make it easier to create DMX pixel strings and since each string counts as a fixture, your only limit will be having 1000 strings instead of 1000 pixels. Until the next release, there i
  19. What is the device called that has a 390K resistor in it and plugs into the end of a stand of leds for dimming purposes?
  20. Alright...newb-ish question... I'm going to be using the CMB-24D to power and control the 8-pack of RGB ribbons that LOR sells, (here) but I'm placing this controller further away from my other two controllers that will more than likely control other features of the house. The reason I'm putting this controller further away is so that the wire that comes from each RGB strip will be less than 50 ft away from the controller and will actually light up. My concerns are two-fold: Cat5 over long distance - the cat5 needs to be at least 75-80 ft in order to be daisy chained to the other controllers
  21. Hi, I have a LOR board that does not natively accept DMX. I was planning on using the iDMX1000 as an interface between a DMX control board and my LOR. Would this work the way i want? or does the iDMX1000 ONLY convert LOR protocol to DMX, and not DMX to LOR? Thanks.
  22. Is it possible to wirelessly control LED costumes? I've done it using an arduino microcontroller and xbee transceivers, but it would be much easier with the sequencing editor instead of writing code. Also, has anyone used the sequencing editor with arduino?
  23. I have 4 windows with a perimeter of ~18.3 feet each. Rough dimensions are Height = ~76" and width = ~34". A CCR Pixel segment is 4". Since I could not extend a CCR and address any additional pixels I think my only solution if I wanted to use CCR's on my windows would be to shorten CCR's and utilize 2 per window. But what about using RGB Ribbons? Knowing that a RGB ribbon does not control each pixel individually (dumb pixel), therefore does not need to address a known number of pixels and with adequate power injection if necessary to extend a RGB Ribbon, would it be possible to take pixels
  24. After having an incredibly fun time as newbie last season, I began thinking about how to expand my display and what avenues I could explore next. I'll admit, I've got Christmas fever and I just don't care. Anyways... I was thinking of a way to make my show more...interactive. I thought about taking my old Rock Band Xbox 360 drum set and somehow integrating it into the show. Has anyone done anything similar? Is this a feasible task? [Or, more likely, am I biting off more than I can chew?] Are there other ideas that I should look into first? LightingNewb XMAS 2015 will be my second year
  25. our 2014 addition to our animated xmas display www.youtu.beOF2ZWDsxSxA
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