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  1. I am new LOR User. I am using 3 units running on one regular network. I purchased some sequences-I am not good in sequencing myself and don't have extra time and Halloween is very close. Sequences are made for 4 monster faces (8 channels per face)and strange thing is happening...I set up the display, the faces and bunch of pumpkins (8 total-1 pumpkin per channel)and on some sequences it looks like the channels are misbehaving, there's this song from Glee-Stop Believing and there's a part where there's a solo female singing...the sequence shows monster-face #2 singing but nothing is happening on my display-all faces are off (I checked the set up, compared the sequence channels and my channels -they are OK, but on that part where the solo singing is the monsters are off-and one should be on, and then as the song continues, the channels are behaving normal and all the faces are on as they should be, synchronized....and this is happening with at least 5 other sequences that I have...they will start fine and then (for some song in the middle and some songs at the begging of the song) channels are not responding, nothing is happening, and then as song continue, channels will respond as all is fine...I am sorry for lack of better explanation, but I don't have no clue where to start with this problem....Thank You
  2. Just curious if anyone else has had problems with the clipboard in the sequence editor? When I go to add a new clipboard it will ask me to name it, then after clicking ok it says "Cannot save clipboard (unexpected error)". I'm using copy and paste quite a bit and it seems to be working fine, but it would be nice if I could save different clipboards for quicker use. I had another problem recently trying to get the audio to play at 1/4 and 1/2 speeds but nothing seems to work. I re-installed the software hoping that would help but it didn't. I say that because I'm thinking about re-installing to see if it fixes the clipboard error, but I'm afraid it won't work just like the audio problem. Any thoughts? I'm running Windows Vista 32 bit and LOR ver 3.10.6
  3. I'm trying to create several chase sequences on various aspects of my display and I'm finding it hard to move the channels in the sequence editor to the right order. Sometimes I want a left to right chase followed by a top to bottom chase and then maybe another chase adding more channels. This is very time consuming trying to move the channels in the editor only to have to move them again and again and again if you want different chase sequences. I thought maybe I could save a channel configuration file named "House Chase L-R" and another "House Chase U-D", I would import the channel config, create my chase sequence then import the original channel config back but the chase sequence doesn't get saved to the channel configuration file it just leaves the sequence right where it is. Does this make sense? Is there a way to do what I'm wanting to do without moving the channels in the editor constantly? I would appreciate any input on this, maybe I'm just missing something. Anyone have some tips, cheats etc on this? Thanks in advance. -Brad
  4. I have a question: I am interfacing a servodog controller with my 16 channel LOR controller. I already have a sequence file for the LOR controller. How do I add the Servodog channels as part of the same routine? I have 10 singling pumpkins and want to ad a talking skull. I have interfaced the skull with the computer and it functions as expected. Now I want to add the movement of the skull with audio sequence that controls the pumpkins. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Big Al
  5. The following was copied from a post by Tim Fisher. I like Tim and many others are tired of spending MANY MANY hours updating channel configurations! 1) I've literally been asking for this since LOR 1.0. But it's even more important today: "We need a better way to handle changes in channel configuration". Back when I had <200 channels, it was a PITA to have to go through 10 or 20 sequence just because I decided it would be more convenient to plug something into one controller instead of another. Now that I have about 4800 channels, it's not just inconvenient, it pushes me to the verge of suicide! Loading such a file, even on my pretty modern 8-core intel i7, takes most of a minute. Then loading the correct channel config takes 2-4 minutes. Then saving the file takes another couple of minutes. Take that times 20 sequences, you do the math. Take it times 40-50 sequences like some folks here have... Uhm, n o. What we need, at a minimum, is a version of "import channel config" that allows you to select multiple files and let them crank away while I'm off setting up or going to the crapper or something. Even better would be to have the channel configs be dynamic - that the sequence would not contain this info, but instead look it up in the channel config file - so that if we changed that file, all the other sequences would "just work". Hello LOR, do you read these forums? This request was made last year and I could not find one response from anyone in authority from LOR. This problem is a real issue when running 40 plus sequences with 1000's of channels. LOR please help and give us a solution to this serious problem.
  6. Just a reminder to all how important it is to back up files. All those long hour you have invested in sequencing & making visualizer files. It would be a great shame to loose it your computer was stolen or when the computer suddenly dies etc. I back up my files to a flash drive and also to the internet. A great place to store files on the internet is Dropbox. That way if your flash drive gets corrupted as they often do you will have a back up on line that can be accessed on any computer. You can also share files here and you will only have to upload them once. Then share the link to those you choose to share with. When you download dropbox there is an option in advanced to upload selected files automatically, which is great encase you forget to backup. I am able to share with you a free dropbox account. In doing so it will give me more space for me to upload and share as well. Here is the link http://db.tt/Pt9jsWf2 Cheers John
  7. Here it is : Daft Punk (they are French too by the way) ave a nice day
  8. My sequence editor freezes multiple times during play for ~ 1/8 – 1/4 sec when a lot of light action is going on. I’m using version 3.10.6, I have a mixture of LOR & DMX universes, 1200 total channels. I thought the problem was with visualizer, but after tuning it according to the visualizer performance thread I decided to try running the sequence editor alone. Same problem happens during high light action. As the bar moves along during a play it freezes for a short time but catches up, the music is unaffected. I’ve tried rebooting, shutting down other apps, etc. but still have the same problem. My computer should have plenty of power; it’s a 64 bit AMD Phenom x4 with 6 Gig of Ram. Any suggestions, it makes it very hard to tell if the timing is right.
  9. My husband just started using LOR last year and loves it! He started with 16 channels and this year, he has added another 16. After a lot of help from a friend who owns a Christmas lighting company, we figured out how to program and the show was pretty good, for a first timer, LOL!! My husband would like to use some of the same songs that he used last year, but change all the channels and how they function through the song. But, can he transfer the taps from the songs? I know how to transfer the channel config, but that will be changing too, so we aren't worried about that. We just want to transfer the taps to the 32 channel config. Does anyone have any advice for us?? Thank You so much, in advance, for any help!!!
  10. I have built roughly four sets of 100 RGB channels (roughly 1200 R/G/B total of course...) in SE, saved the new channel configuration, and have tried several times to export the new channel configuration into my existing visualizer model, intending to update it with the RGB channels in the RGB props. Only 16 channels for each RGB "prop" are exporting into the visualizer. I do have these props selected as "DMX", so I don't believe visualizer "thinks" these are regular LOR channels. I have tried both "load" types (one is by name and the other is by name/channel/etc); it looks like LOR tries to import the multiple RGB channels (I just tried it screen by screen instead of "all update", so I see the universes in that manner). I just imported my new "with RGB channels" configuration into a new sequence, and all of the channels imported correctly into a new sequence. I am learning how to use LOR S3 to sequence RGBs for the first time and I really like to see how the sequence is shaping up in the visualizer. What am I missing here? Thanks very much in advance!!
  11. I'm curious if there is a quicker way of matching audio to a sequence. Sometimes I get free sequences online that don't include the audio track, so when I include my own audio track it can sometimes be a second off due to the song being ripped from a CD or bought from different online stores. Sometimes a track will start immediately vs the same song that has a couple seconds before the track starts. Is there a way in the sequence editor to bump everything forward or backwards slightly to match the audio better? This would be a big help. Thanks -Brad
  12. Using S3 advanced. After copying a timing (any length) and pasting, it will only paste everything in the block selected (wont paste complete timing in same timeings as copied). I have never had this problem but this is my first time using the advanced version. Any ideas?
  13. Hi everyone - Here is a new sequence for my 2nd LOR year. Last year was a success. So I am adding in 10 LED dumb strips to add to my roof this year. I like this sequence a lot.... By the way here is my FB page - like me and track me https://www.facebook.com/ChristmasLightsOnWalnutRd
  14. Report Number: RB04 Module: Sequence Editor Software Version: 3.10.6 OS Version: Windows 7 SP1. PC: I7 CPU with 6 gb RAM Description: RGB channel conversion still very slow on the changeover. When converting a DMX Universe to RGB channels, the Sequence Editor is taking anywhere from 3-5 minutes to convert. More of a nuisance issue than anything. Repeatability: Happens anytime a full Universe is converted
  15. So, I have a bunch of mini trees that have been 4 channels (Red, Green, Blue and White). I can get the 3 channels to (Red, Green and Blue) to combine, but how can I cut and paste, or merge the white into it? The reason I want to do this is because I'm converting the trees to DMX and moving the LOR controllers to another element in my display. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks Patrick
  16. Does anyone know if it is possible to reverse a loop? Say I have a loop that spans 30 secs of sequence and I have it set to repeat 20 times at a 33% speed increase. Can I just have that reversed so it will then slow from the fast speed it reached back to it's original speed? So I want a second loop that does the opposite of the first loop. I can't find any options to do so. I was thinking i may be able to achieve the same effect by altering the timescale and then setting the now much faster sequence to slow down over repetitions and then again alter the timescale back to normal. I couldn't find a way to alter the timescale mid sequence though, is this possible? Hoping there is a way but if not then I'd like to request some reversing tools for the sequencer. Copy and paste with invert selection option would do, as long as it could work for loops to reverse the effects of the loop. I have a feeling the loop interface may have to be changed to achieve what I'm after.
  17. Guest

    New to LOR

    Hello all. I just purchased my first controller and would like to know if there is a way to integrate video show with LOR? For example, I have a hologram that I display for Halloween that I would like to come on during a sequenced singing pumpkin display I am working on. I am really new to this and just don't know if this is possible? If so, if anybody can give me some tips and what it would take to accomplish this that would be great. Apologize if this is a stupid question but all this stuff is new to me. I have always done the hologram but now would like to make my Halloween display more extensive. Any insight from you experienced users would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Is there a way to clear the recent file list in S3? I have moved files around and have everything goofed up and need to straighten it out, but those darned links to recent files bug me. Thanks as always for any input.
  19. I apologize for the dumb question, but I received my software license yesterday and banging away today at animated faces and could use a word of advice here. My preparation and 2 years of pre-study is really paying off, but I really am already getting tired of, and being slowed down by, the sequence always starting from the beginning of the song every time, regardless of whether I press the "Play" or "PlayAgain" button. I've done a fair amount of video and sound editing, and could always start from anywhere I want on the timeline. Is there a button or setting or a personal error I can avoid that will give me this option?
  20. So I've been messing around with the Visualizer program and working on the Halloween songs for my first Halloween display and here is the song Dream Police by Cheap Trick. It's just the faces but they use a total of 2 controllers to work. I also have other props for my display but I just wanted to share the animated faces. enjoy and more videos to follow. P.S. I do all my own sequencing using Papagayo and I will start posting my work since I've completed a number of Halloween and Christmas tunes. One last shout out to BobO for his awesome work with the Papagayo program. this is a result of his work. Thanks Bob
  21. I am fairly new to visualizer. I have ran my sequences for a couple of years but this is the first time I have taken a photo of my house and then made the display. Im having a hard time trying to figure out how to link my display from visualizer to the sequence. I want to see how it works and i am not understanding how to get it done correctly. Could someone please assist me with some links or a how to? Thank you.
  22. Newbie looking forward to our first year this upcoming winter. My kids stumbled upon, and loved, the Coro-canes video so naturally, they're now in the plan for this Christmas. Unfortunately I'm light on creativity. Our first test prop looks very cool and fun to play with using manual S3 programming, but the show just doesn't have that POP yet. Our sequence still looks very similar to Bob Moody's test pattern forced into a song ( http://vimeo.com/59033210 ) We're looking at just four props - for now anyway Just wondering if anyone had any Coro-cane programming done yet for any popular Christmas songs, or at least any ideas on how to really incorporate these into their song line-up.
  23. Okay, you of great experience and knowledge. I humbly come before this forum and confess ignorance. I have S3 Advanced 1 1602 controller Hopefully at least one more controller by SeptemberI finally have my light layout: Where each strand of lights will physically go on the house/yard, etc. I decided that I need to get a visual of what I had only created on paper, so using Visualizer I created my layout. I named the channels and assigned channel numbers. Here is the question(s): I downloaded several sequences to help me get started. They of course have their own channel configuration, so I replaced it with my saved channel config file. I could not figure out how to change a channel for a given string of programming. Example: My physical configuration has 4 trees, assigned channels 11,12,13 & 14. The channels in the downloaded sequence that would control trees are 1,2,3,4. Is there an easy way to change the downloaded sequence channels?
  24. i am getting a santa face so you can see him talking. what is the best way in the sequence editor to make the lights move to the words? i have not found anything on here about it. any help would work!
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