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  1. I am starting to update my last years Halloween light show and I have some RGB lights that have been sequenced in LOR. Can I use PE to update my RGB with some of the new effects and keep some of the old effects from LOR or do I have start all over?
  2. I purchased a pixel matrix screen from HolidayCoro with 600 pixels. I intend to use it with Superstar. It has the PixLite 4 DMX board. My questioning is on these lines: I'm watching the LOR video on "Exporting your Superstar sequence to the main sequence." As I'm following the instructor, I'm going with copy and paste, but I'm creating a new "ADD DEVICE" section. The box opens up directing me to select "Universe 1." Ok, I'm good so far. Next is the # of channels. With 600 pixels on this matrix screen and 4 ports on the board, how many channels do I need, 4? Or is it 4 outlets x 3 (red, green and blue) totalling 12 channels? Or is it more? I'm licensed for 24 CCR's but I'm not going with LOR's CCR's but the above named matrix screen. I'm rather confused as to how to proceed. Let's say that I have the sequence in Editor made up and the sequence In Superstar made up to go along with it. I can only follow the procedure so far with the video as he doesn't advise on DMX. So, I need help. The person at Holidaycoro couldn't help me but he assured me that this is fully compatible with LOR, but he personally doesn't use his products with LOR. Perhaps a Youtube video to instruct me will do. Thanks Y'all!
  3. I'm now at a point where I need to use the clipboard more often and I seem to be missing a step because although I can see my clipboard (the items I add as well as the default ones in both SE & SS); but if I look in the folders where they are supposed to be saved there is nothing in the clipboard folders for either Sequence Editor or SuperStar. I discovered this because I was trying to flip a graphic and when I went to use Bob's tools and I opened the clipboard folder there were no files located there. I must be doing something incorrectly but I have no idea what. Tried searching the forums but did not find anything specific to this problem. Have I missed a video or thread that walks me through the process of using the clipboard? Thanks as always for the great support from LOR & all my fellow forum users! I always learn alot from all of you. this is my 3rd year using LOR and this forum has gotten me through more than 1 stumbling block. Tom
  4. I'm using 3.12.0 Advanced. In most of my sequences when I hover the cursor over a cell a pop-up gives me information about that cell. I have one sequence where that does not happen and I have spent hours looking for information on what I may be doing wrong or what I need to do to get the pop-up information. Any help gratefully appreciated. Thanks. Bany
  5. Hi Everyone, Anyone know if there is a way to delete an intensity file imported from SS once saved in SE? I had started a sequence in both SE and Superstar and thought I was done with SS so I exported in S3 to the SE. It's just 2 CCR's. Now since upgrading to S4 and Pro level I made changes to the SS sequence then exported to SE as an intensity file. When playing back in Visualizer my additions/changes are not playing, only my original SS sequence that was exported previously. I think the layout in Superstar is wrong as the CCR's are still on the "regular" network and I will move them to Aux A running 500k speed but forgot about this when exporting. Is there anyway to delete/remove the intensity file and make corrections to SS network config/layout? DevMike, I remember you mentioning the bak file at Expo but I tried that and got an error when trying to open SE with that file. I appreciate any help given. Thanks, Al www.saunderschristmaslights.com
  6. I have an Advanced license & have upgraded to S4. I have not upgraded to PRO at this time as I'm not using any pixels. I'm using CCRs and incand. Today when I went to export my SuperStar sequence to Sequence Editor I was given two choices. Save as a Legacy sequence or save intensity files. I chose Legacy since I did not do any intensity settings (that I'm aware of) and I"m not using a Pro version with Pixel editor. Is intensity version something I could use/should use - any specific advantages? or should I be using the Legacy version. Thank you! Tom
  7. There have been a lot of discussion on how amazing and how terrible the new software is. My jury is still out.Since I have only been working on getting my new visualizers built to my liking, I can't feel good about forming an opinion either way. That said, Are there going to be some sort of video tutorials on how to properly use the new Pixel editor and then integrate it with S4 sequence editor and Superstar? Superstar, no problem, Love it. Sequence editor, no problem but haven't used it in 2 or 3 years to sequence with. Pixel Editor, I'm totally lost. I know it's probably already been asked, but how does it all mesh together? My Jedi reflexes can't be that rusty. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. I don't have my "light an LED" moment, that time when you do a very basic operation to test everything from hardware to software and I can't figure out what is wrong. I have Servodog with USB converter. My one connected servo works with ServoDog Utility and also the hardware utility (separately since the servodog is on the same port 14). I have my servodog as device type Digital I/O Card, and unit 1. (I tried LOR Controller and even DMX but same result.) When I run a short sequence to move the servo one way or the other, nothing happens. My sequence has on, off and 50% intensity over a 2 or 3 second span. I expect the servo to move one way or the other when the sequence is played. It doesn't. Any ideas on what is going on or where I'm going wrong here? I uploaded the *lms file. thanks testservo.lms
  9. hi guys, just got my first LOR CTB16 controller and im having a little trouble getting started. I have the orange icon on bottom task bar and I have ENABLED (only for on demand only) on the status screen, but im also getting a Cannot read show file message on status screen. Any help much appreciated
  10. This year I plan to integrate video with my Christmas light show. My plan is to do a thematic show on "The Polar Express." I'm using HD video which I've completed editing. The master video file is 9 gigabytes in size for an approximately 20 minute show. Here's my questions: 1) The master video file is in HD 720p (16:9 aspect ratio) pro-rez 422 MOV format with a frame rate of 25 fps. I realize I'll need to convert it to MP4 or AVI. That's not an issue as I have the software to do it. What is the best file format, frame size, and frame rate to sequence in S3 and playback during the show? 2) I'm running the latest build of S3 on an XP based laptop to run the show. In my experience, XP was one of Microsoft's best performing operating systems. Is there any reason why I should upgrade to a later Windows operating system? If so, which is optimal for S3 and video playback? Side comment… I realize that the laptop hardware may pose a limitation on the resolution of the video for smooth playing. I'll work around that if needed. What I'm more interested in knowing is what video specifications is S3 optimized to best work with?
  11. Hello Fellow LOR enthusiasts, I've run into an interesting issue and am looking for a solution. I'm currently using the Basic Edition version 3.11.2 which I have purchased and have a license. For some reason one of my revised songs is getting cut off. When I play the mp3 in the windows media player I get 1:48 worth music, however, LOR sequence editor abruptly edits at 1:11. I have tried stopping and starting the editor and even rebooting my machine. Nothing helps. Has anyone else run into this issue before and found a solution? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. For several years I have been running my horizontal Matrix of 12 CCR's through several E1.31 to DMX bridges This all runs fine and I use the Superstar editor and have all my channels set up correctly. Xlights 3 and 4 also run fine with this configuration. I run my matrix from bottom Left. Here is how I set them up for information Purposes. Universe 2 - channel 1 to 150 (bottom strip) - CCR address 9 Universe 2 - channel 161 to 310 (bottom strip) - CCR address a Universe 2 - channel 321 to 470 (bottom strip) - CCR address b Universe 3 - channel 1 to 150 (bottom strip) - CCR address c Universe 3 - channel 161 to 310 (bottom strip) - CCR address d Universe 3 - channel 321 to 470 (bottom strip) - CCR address e Universe 4 - channel 1 to 150 (bottom strip) - CCR address f Universe 4 - channel 161 to 310 (bottom strip) - CCR address 10 Universe 4 - channel 321 to 470 (bottom strip) - CCR address 11 Universe 5 - channel 1 to 150 (bottom strip) - CCR address 12 Universe 5 - channel 161 to 310 (bottom strip) - CCR address 13 Universe 5 - channel 321 to 470 (bottom strip) - CCR address 14 I had to offset the channels to compensate for the hidden control channels the CCR has The problem is with the Visualizer. Which forces me to assign by Pixel not by channel when using the matrix wizard or channel wizard Can there be modifications done so we can set up by channels and not by pixels ? Channel 161 does not fall on the regular pixel barrier of 3. Also, This works fine with the pixel Editor Why not incorporate The Pixel editor and the visualizer into one program so that when I use the sequencer and I want to have the visualizer running I can see everything running including what is in the pixel editor... Currently there is no correlation to the 2 and I can not watch my Pixel tree with the pixel editor when running from the sequence editor. Thanks Vic
  13. I just upgraded from to 4.0.10, first try wm01 Sequence Editor 4.0.10 Win 7 64, home edition problem: when I opened SE, first I tried to load and old S3 sequence to output to DMX, e1.31 lights; lights did not come on I then tried to go into network preferences from the Edit menu, when I click on network preferences, I get an error Run-time error '9' subscript out of range I closed S4, re opened it, did NOT load a sequence; again tried to open network preferences, same error; maybe I need to uninstall all of LOR, run a registry wipe, then do a clean S4 install? This is my first try at S4
  14. According to LOR's announcement, we're less than two weeks away from the unveiling of the LOR S4 beta version. Awesome! I have mixed feelings, however, about committing to a beta right now due to my current schedule tempo. I may have missed it, but other than support for high pixel counts and a new pixel editor in the new PRO version (Both are greatly needed), has there been any discussion of what other new features made the beta release cut? I confess that if they simply raised the channel limit on the visualizer alone, I think it would be worth my risk and upgrade cost. Still waiting with anticipation on the Spring Sale announcement too. Gotta go practice my speed typing.
  15. I run my show from a mini director using 2 LOR 30A controllers. I daisy chain my director to the first controller and then that to the 2nd controller. This year I hope to add some CCRs to my roof and location will be closest to my 1st controller. Can I run the Cat5 cable from the CCR controller to the 1st controller and just plug it into the 2nd Cat5 connection? My inclination is that should work fine since everything will have unique addresses and both ports are active since I could plug my 2nd controller into either connection. Am I missing anything? Thanks for your assistance. Tom
  17. Hi all, complete newbie here but completely hooked too. My neighbor and I are purchasing 2 sets of the Holiday Coro singing Xmas trees for our first LOR Christmas light displays. Today I down loaded the LOR software and loaded the Christmas Can-Can song to a new sequence and played around with it while I watched a couple of the LOR tutorials, I had a couple set backs, a couple ah ha moments but I am now thinking it's going to be a real job, still looking forward to it but there is a big question in there too? Am I being reasonable here trying to sequence these 4 singing christmas trees to christmas songs for my first attempt to sequence? Or would you seasoned LOR veterans recommend something a little easier. Or maybe purchasing the sequences from Holiday Coro, assuming their sequences can be used on their trees? Looking for a little advice if you would, and really looking forward to our first LOR christmas 2015. Thanks, Keith
  18. I have added 6 new CTB16 controllers to my show this year and they all tested out and are being recognized by the LOR program but whenever I run a show or even the sequence editor none of them are working. Every controller is listed in the hardware tester and the green light is on steady for all 12 controllers. They are all numbered correctly and are running off of AUX B like my controllers from last years show but none of them functioning.
  19. Light-O-Rama is looking for talented individuals willing to create new products for our sequence store at http://sequences.lightorama.com You are fairly compensated for the work. You're also putting smiles on faces helping others have great light shows. Interested? Send us something about yourself and maybe a sample video of what you've done. We'll talk. sequences@lightorama.com
  20. Hello! I have been an avid light o rama user now for the past 5 years making Christmas shows as well as Halloween shows for the neighborhood block party each year. The past two years I have incorporated 8 CCRs to the roof line and feel I have really set the bar high and each year try to do something more. This year I wanted to incorporate some DMX 512 lights. I know you need to buy a special controller to connect the light to the light-o-rama boxes, but I am very much so shooting in the dark here on how to do anything with DMX. How do you program the lights to move, change color (the ones I am looking at are 3 color LEDs) etc. Do you use the same software you use to make light shows in the past? do you need new software? Like I said, I have no idea on how to do anything with DMX, but have years of LOR experience. Any help in this would be awesome!! We put on a show for all the kids in the neighborhood each halloween (about 50-60) and since I feel this will be a huge undertaking, I am hoping to learn this now so I am not rushing this fall. Appreciate the help guys!!!
  21. MegaTree: PixLite 16 (e1.31/16 output) 16 - 50 pixel strips 1 universe per strip Universes 21-36 Software: SE 3.80 Advanced All LMS sequences Situation: Run hardware test pattern on PixLite card - all strips light up Run test pattern on xLights - all strips light up Run a sequence from SE, strip #4 does not function (at all) - rest of strips/sequence is just fine. The universe (24) is set up just like the other 15 universes for this MegaTree in Network Preferences. Everything looks good in Channel Configuration (checked for duplicates). It happens on all sequences (however, I did use the same lcc config on each one). Why is #4 not working!!! I know I'm missing something???
  22. Long story short, I spent 2 hours trying to figure out what was going wrong when I attempted to skew a track, and then one time, it worked, so I just saved. (we have S3 advanced) I tried everything. Here's the back story - other person using 3.12.0 software creates an LMS. We get it but then need to "pad" the beginning for some live narration as part of our show. Here's what I did: Copied his sequence, renamed the file, opened the file (to preserve his original) 1. Extend total time to +40 seconds 2. Edit media file, select new edited media file which we created with the extra 40 seconds at the beginning. 3. At this point, the sequence just needed to be skewed - something we've done several times in the past with much success. So, I skewed later to a value of 37.15 seconds. Then we preview the file in the visualizer, and none of the effects were really all that correct. They were either gone, or shifted. Now, our sequences use multiple timing grids and tracks...but then again, we've had this same setup in the past. Has anyone else experienced problems with the skew track? I compared each file (original with the new edited) and never could really figure out what was wrong. One time I repeated the process, and it just worked. We then experienced this on another sequence. However, we were between shows, so we used another computer with LOR out of desparation. This one had the same version of S3 software but was a Windows 7 machine. And it worked just fine. I'm not sure exactly if it was a strange coincidence or what, but I'm just trying to see if we can figure this out for the future. We have to put together our automated/recorded (versus our live musician show) shows and I know I'm going to have to be doing some skewing. For our live show weekend we've backed our software back to 3.11.2. Sorry for the lengthy explanation but we've been using LOR for 7 years and have never had these kinds of issues with track skewing, and we've done it every year.
  23. We are planning on adding quite a bit to next years display we have a few ideas but i thought maybe id run it by you guys to get some opinions and or ideas?? Heres the display for this year 128ch 2) 10' 16ch spiral trees wrapped in red with a 9ch light pole inside each tree with a 2' star on top 4) 7ch arches pure white 9) 1ch 3' mini trees pure white 2) 12ch candy cane spinners 100) strobes gutter line c9 retrofits and all windows and door red blue and green c6 Here are a few pictures.... Next year we are doing a 48ch light grid across the roof covering it with c6 leds red green and blue and outlining the ridge line with red green blue c9 retrofits I am planning on adding: -green and blue leds on the spiral trees -red green and blue on the 9 mini trees -8 more 9ch light poles -100 more strobes The big thing i want to add is a 25' tree on top of the ridge line on the roof but i didnt know if it would look out of place? ? im also addong some snow flakes on the front of the house and a singing snowman beside the front door Next year we will be well over 50k leds if all goes as planned
  24. The current method of printing the Channel Configuration is very limited/unusable and there is no method that I can find to export as well. The current method to print is <Tool Menu>, Select <Channel Configuration>, Select <Print>. There is no option to change print format or sort order. There is also no means to export the channel configuration into a database compatible format (ie. comma delimited, space delimited, etc.) in order to manipulate the channel configuration data. For prior versions of the Sequence Editor, there used to be a 3rd party program that did exactly this and worked great! Am I just missing something or does S3 have these capabilities? If not, is there a 3rd party software program that can do these things?
  25. The RGB channels in the sequence editor are flickering randomly. There are no contents in any cells however, the RGB channels randomly flicker. This occurs in the channel name. They do not flicker at the exact same time. It occurs at different times. Nothing is plugged in.Occurs in multiple sequence filesDMX channels do not overlap.Video captured from my iPhone and published on youtube. I freeze framed it so you can see it. Anyone else see this? It does affect the lights when they are plugged in. Thank you, Michael
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