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  1. I have a BRAND NEW - NEVER USED DIO32 Main Board forsale. $130.00 Also have (2) DIO16AC Daughter Boards For Sale. $120.00 Also have 4 or 5 6 inch ribbon cables I can throw in with the package Buy all 3 as a package for $350 $10 shipping unless bought a a package then I will cover shipping. These have been opened and looked at but never had power put to them. I changed my plans on what I wanted to do and have no need for them. I can be emailed directly at wsparks (at) namidway (dot) com or 847-323-8272 If I dont answer leave a message. Thanks Wes
  2. I am trying to install LED string lights around my second floor bedroom windows. I have alumminaum sidding that nothing will stick to and would like to not drill though it. I have shutters that are butted up next to the window. The window frame is also alumminuam and nothing will stick or hold on to it. I was thinking of making a wooden frame but do not know how to hang it around the window. Anybody have any ideas how to hang my light around those windows?
  3. My elderly mother is a very good girl but she wanted Blurred Lines for Halloween so that's what she got! Mom is 66 years old and on oxygen but still loves to boogie and is addicted to the beat of this song, absolutely loves it and has even been seen trying to shake her bootie when listening to it. We don't have the heart to tell her how dirty it is because she loves it so much, she wouldn't listen to it if she actually understood the lyrics. So here's to you mom and mums the word. PS take a look at the clip Thank's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OmRPExmqwA&feature=c4-overview&
  4. Had a brainstorm and tried this out. Works great. Just an old bike rim (I used 26 inch for this one, next will be 20 inch, lots of sizes to choose from) a couple dollars worth of PVC pipe and 12 self tapping screws. The stack and store wonderfully! I had a little plastic paper roller I used for the top but any type or lid or doo-hickey (technical term for the day) could be used. I actually cut a round chunk of 2x4 fist then thought of this. I squirted a little silicon seal around the inside of the top just to make it a little stonger. This has a lot of potential, very light weight and stable.
  5. Got the same post in there twice, don't know how that happened. Don't see a delete post button.
  6. Is it possible to wirelessly control LED costumes? I've done it using an arduino microcontroller and xbee transceivers, but it would be much easier with the sequencing editor instead of writing code. Also, has anyone used the sequencing editor with arduino?
  7. Was on a total budget to do this in time for Halloween. First time ever to do this. It consists of a huge mock orange bush draped with a surplus parachute and using only seven channels and strings of cheap LED lights on plywood. Yes it looks much better darker, but I wanted to show the the pumpkin. Still have no idea of how to get LEDs to create colors that aren't going to bankrupt me. Your feedback would be appreciated.
  8. Hello I have a few of these pixel strings: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/promotion-WS2811-IP68-led-pixel-module-256scale-gray-IP68-3wire-red-blue-black-DC5V-input-50pcs/469177597.html There 5V 60 mA pixels my question Is what is a good power supply that would work well with these? I had a few power supply problems a few weeks back so I'm kind of scared to try and figure this out on my own If you know a power supply that would work well please reply to this post with a link. Thanks
  9. Has anyone ever tried the Clear spray on electric tape from US Plastics. It looks like a great way to waterproof connection on RGB strips. http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=65222&catid=699
  10. I have a PC with two built in RS422/485 Ports and am curious if there is a way to use them versus USB to RS485 adapters. I realize that I would probably have to build custom cables to connect them to my LOR network. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. JW
  11. I am adding some (dumb) rgbb strips this year and was wondering if these 5050 strips will work . i am using light-o-rama's cmb24d board. te pricing looks good and the delivery is very fast with no shipping charges. http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-10X5M-50M-5050-RGB-150Led-SMD-Flexible-Lamp-Light-Strip-IP65-Waterproof-12V-/261294533721?pt=US_Car_Lighting&hash=item3cd65e2c59#ht_9549wt_1283
  12. Being somewhat new and just a dabbler (for now) am I correct in understanding that the DIO32 DMX with DIO16AC boards will function the same as the CTB16PCs with only some DIY work for enclosing, wiring, and power?
  13. Hello I was thinking of buying 2 CTB16PC kits that require soldering, It would save a lot of money. Anyway I'm very bad at soldering, and If I do buy these kits want to be prepared and do not want to throw my money on something I can't get working. dose anyone have soldering advice or tips or anything to say why I should or should not do this. Please help Thanks!
  14. I'm thinking about building a smaller pixel tree out of 8, 5m ws2811 pixels (halved, up and over to make 16, 2.5M strands) Can anyone supply any commentary or downside to this? And a link to another forum with similar information or plans would be great....thanks!.
  15. Hi Everyone, I'm working on a Christmas Lights Set-Up for upstate New York in the winter that uses RGB LEDs with the DMX controller and a bunch of String Lights and Icicle Lights on the side of my building. I have some concerns about weather-proofing my gear and buying equipment that would hold up under lots of rain/snow and very cold temperatures. Do you all have any advice about which RGB LED strips, String Lights, Icicle Lights to use and any heads-up about potential problems I should be aware of? Thanks! Gil
  16. Hi everyone I wanted to get some more pixels for this year and was looking at these: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/5m-led-digital-strip-DC12V-input-WS2811IC-256-scale-10pcs-IC-and-30pcs-5050-SMD-RGB/701799_568458133.html They look ok, but I can't find any protection raiding (such as ip68) and even though I know some times those ratings can be extremely incorrect its still a nice bit of info to know and also I contacted Ray Wu and haven't got a reply yet so I wanted to know what you guy think or even if you own this strip yourself what you think of it. Thanks.
  17. Anybody have a good source for the poly banding/strapping? I want to use it to support LED strings for a 16' mega-tree. I've got the tree, topper, base and winch about finished but I need banding for the strings. I plan on 16 sections around tree with red-white-green string on each section. I'll dedicate two or three LOR PC16 to the tree. Thanks for any help/souces anybody will share!
  18. I have finally finished my custom 48 channel box. 3- CTB16PC circuit boards from LOR installed in a 28in data system inclosure from Lowes.
  19. So I did my first LOR show last year with a 16 ch controller. It went over very well with about 30 people showing for opening night. This year I took advantage of the sales and picked up 3 more controllers. My big addition for the year is going to be a 10' Spiral Tree. What I cant figure out is how many strands of lights to use. I don't have a huge budget, so I plan on using Multi color LED Wide angle mini lights rather than solid strands of each color. I just cant figure out what is a good amount of strands to use. Will 16 strands work or should I use more? TLDR 10' Spiral Tree with Mult
  20. I see what appears to be fair deals on these RGB Floodlights in 50W, 80W, 100W, 200W and 400W configurations. IP65 rated. I tried to call the US vendor, but couldn't understand much of what she said due to an accent. I tried to get a rough equivalent of the LED wattage to an incandescent bulb so I could spec it out right. Critical in all this is ensuring if these are E1.31/DMX compatible, but didn't quite get the answers either way. I know a 100W incandescent puts out about 1750 Lumens and a 75W incandescent bulb puts out between 600-1100 Lumens, but CFL bulbs put out the same amount
  21. We're making lightning this Halloween using a combination of strobe lights and halogen lighting. Last year, I was reading somewhere that someone was able to make the lighting hue more realistic by going to a stage show supplier and getting a blue filter that could handle the heat from the lights. I called my local theater supply store. They have plenty of filters, but had no idea on which one I should use, and of course, neither did I. They have a huge selection, and I cant afford to just keep guessing. Does anyone have a recommendation on which filter I should get?
  22. Greetings Everyone ! (Not Seasons though ). Yes I know it's July, BUT, I'm still building my DIY kits (on the last one) I have a question about doing a matrix (16 x 16) using 2 of the CTB16PC kits. Now I know that "out of the box" these will NOT do it, HOWEVER, since they are unassembled in the first place, that gives me the opportunity to do some mods to these two. I CAN get in depth on the MOD, however, I am more interested in whether anyone else has done some ? I am prepared to "trash two kits" (just the basic board for one, and the other is the board with cords version). In
  23. Hi I'm wondering if this DMX servo control will work? I'm guessing it will just like any other dmx thing you just have to enter the channels correct and to control the servos fade up and down??? I'm I right heres the board I would rather go with this than the servodog because you also get 8 relay outputs and 8 dim-able led outputs along with the 8 servo outputs for $5.00 less then the servodog and the servodog only has 8 servo outputs not the extra awesome outputs. I think I'm going to try it everyone in the Halloween form says they love it. here is the link to the Medusa Dmx http://www.ohmmyg
  24. I am fairly new to visualizer. I have ran my sequences for a couple of years but this is the first time I have taken a photo of my house and then made the display. Im having a hard time trying to figure out how to link my display from visualizer to the sequence. I want to see how it works and i am not understanding how to get it done correctly. Could someone please assist me with some links or a how to? Thank you.
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