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  1. I have been using LOR for years controlling lights, and RGB's. This year I want to add to the show and add singing parrots to the show for a Tiki Christmas. I have purchased 4 - used Squawkers McCaw parrots that I want to hack into with my LOR. I purchased a LOR ServoDog controller, and I have tried to make it work with these through process of trial and error, and so far all I have had is errors. I have hooked the ServoDog to my computer, and that isn't my problem. Where to go from there is. It looks like their are two wires leading to the motor, so that would mean they aren't servo m
  2. Drew (holidaytechnologies.com) converted my AL controllers to work with the Light o Rama software. He was fast, efficient, and his customer service is incredible. My controllers now work properly with my Light o Rama software and I couldn't be happier in the LOR world. I would highly recommend him for this service if you have AL controllers to convert to LOR. Thanks Drew for all your help.
  3. This year i wanted to livestream my display on youtube so that famly members and friends could see the display form other countries, Has anyone on this forum livestreamed their display? I was thinking of using an old CCTV camera and running the wires to an easy cap (RCA to usb converter) and having that run into youtubes livestream feature.
  4. Here's one network that involves most of the current control devices including Guest song voting control from their iPads/smartphones. Thanks BobO ! I drew this to help a friend out the other day and thought I'd share it to help others. The diagram shows how a combination wired and wireless network can overcome most any display obstacle. This design uses the show computer as a bridge allowing the show computer to sit on the home network, but also keeps the display traffic off the home network - which any family will highly appreciate. Some more fortunate folks use two computers -
  5. I want to incorporate some linear actuators into my Halloween show. I have some frightprops controllers, but was hoping to use LOR because the 3 axis skull I have, is using the Servo board. I wanted the linear actuators to open the lid of my column slowly, and then raise the platform of the skull up. One the sequence was finished, I then wanted to lower the platform, and close the lid. So, how should I wire the linear actuators so they can function with LOR, or how can I wire LOR and the frightprops controller together, so at least LOR could trigger the frightprops controller? Thanks in
  6. hi first go at dmx using lor software problem is i made up a test sequence in lor running it though a separate com port (5) though a holiday dongle version 2 into cat5 and into a ray wu 27 channel dmx unit . but the lights are not going on as programmed into lor ,( they are going on all over the 27 channels) but seem to be in a consistant pattern) ) the lor listener is working fine i am getting dmx signal at the dongle (green flashing light) on the controller the red light is flashing has any one had this problem or can solve it for me ? thanks in advance
  7. Well, I thought I posted this a few days ago but I think I may have forgot to click submit. Obviously I'm new here, new to LOR as well. I did decorate may home with about 5000 LED lights last year using a Gemmy 6 outlet "controller." It was fun, but I wanted more individual control. So far I have been playing with the LOR software, the only hardware I have is the USB adapter and a CMB24 controller. I'm anxiously awaiting the spring sale so I can get a few AC controllers! As my first project / experiment in this realm I plan to re wire some old solar landscaping lights with 12v re
  8. I'm new here and new to the hobby (although I did use a gemmy "controller" with about 5000 LED lights last year). I have been playing with the software but the only hardware but all I own so far is the CMB24 which I got from the synchronized Christmas spring sale. I'm anxiously awaiting the LOR spring sale so I can get a few AC controllers! I have ordered some dumb RGB lights and rectangular modules from holidaycoro, waiting for those to come. I also have a 12 v, 400w (33 amp) power supply on order. For my first project / experiment I plan to use the RGB modules for landscape lightin
  9. I have attached a picture of my display (2014). It was my best display to date (11K, 100% LED, $10 for Electricity ). I have moved away from AirBlown inflatables and Yard Reindeers for a more modernist look. The actual white strands of the house occupied all channels of my Light O rama, whilst the rest was static. Im my personal opinion it looked contemporary, substantial, but not overdone (If thats even possible). However, I keep getting the feeling it was not "just right". Some essence was missing. This year I have purchased a few hundred boxes of Multi LEDs, as I feel the house was too b
  10. I have an E1.31 network already running and can control it from software. How do I figured out the DMX addresses so I can control it from a DMX controller?
  11. Firstly Hey everyone, I have been lurking for a long time and finaly got around to signing up. These forums have been very helpful as I learned (still learning) about LOR software, products, etc... Thanks to all who have posted questions and to those who answered, it helps when looking up information. I am impressed with the helping attitude towards people asking questions and am grateful for those who share their knowledge so freely. Ok, enough kissing up After seeing some of the Pixel Spinners videos posted here it made me want to build my own. Thanks to those who shared their work. I l
  12. What is the device called that has a 390K resistor in it and plugs into the end of a stand of leds for dimming purposes?
  13. Alright...newb-ish question... I'm going to be using the CMB-24D to power and control the 8-pack of RGB ribbons that LOR sells, (here) but I'm placing this controller further away from my other two controllers that will more than likely control other features of the house. The reason I'm putting this controller further away is so that the wire that comes from each RGB strip will be less than 50 ft away from the controller and will actually light up. My concerns are two-fold: Cat5 over long distance - the cat5 needs to be at least 75-80 ft in order to be daisy chained to the other controllers
  14. Good Morning, I have a 64 channel set up. I had no plan or idea when I started. After 4 years I am to the point of starting over with the whole rewiring with extension cords. I have used 3, 6 and 15 foot extension cords. I now know what my basic layout is and will stay. I would like to splice together the different extension cords to meet the length that I will need to get to that part of my layout. Next time I will buy a 1000 foot roll but for right now I need to use what I have. For example I am using 10 15' cords to reach my longest point. I see no problem with splicing the existing c
  15. Hi, I have a LOR board that does not natively accept DMX. I was planning on using the iDMX1000 as an interface between a DMX control board and my LOR. Would this work the way i want? or does the iDMX1000 ONLY convert LOR protocol to DMX, and not DMX to LOR? Thanks.
  16. I recently converted a snowflake to dumb RGB. Was purchased from a retail Target store. Short video at:
  17. After having an incredibly fun time as newbie last season, I began thinking about how to expand my display and what avenues I could explore next. I'll admit, I've got Christmas fever and I just don't care. Anyways... I was thinking of a way to make my show more...interactive. I thought about taking my old Rock Band Xbox 360 drum set and somehow integrating it into the show. Has anyone done anything similar? Is this a feasible task? [Or, more likely, am I biting off more than I can chew?] Are there other ideas that I should look into first? LightingNewb XMAS 2015 will be my second year
  18. I have 4 windows with a perimeter of ~18.3 feet each. Rough dimensions are Height = ~76" and width = ~34". A CCR Pixel segment is 4". Since I could not extend a CCR and address any additional pixels I think my only solution if I wanted to use CCR's on my windows would be to shorten CCR's and utilize 2 per window. But what about using RGB Ribbons? Knowing that a RGB ribbon does not control each pixel individually (dumb pixel), therefore does not need to address a known number of pixels and with adequate power injection if necessary to extend a RGB Ribbon, would it be possible to take pixels
  19. Well, I was making good progress putting a CTB16KD together last night, when I realized I had just soldered the R2 resistor in with the dot on the left, not right side . Can anyone tell me how to get this back off without damaging anything else? Thanks!
  20. our 2014 addition to our animated xmas display www.youtu.beOF2ZWDsxSxA
  21. MegaTree: PixLite 16 (e1.31/16 output) 16 - 50 pixel strips 1 universe per strip Universes 21-36 Software: SE 3.80 Advanced All LMS sequences Situation: Run hardware test pattern on PixLite card - all strips light up Run test pattern on xLights - all strips light up Run a sequence from SE, strip #4 does not function (at all) - rest of strips/sequence is just fine. The universe (24) is set up just like the other 15 universes for this MegaTree in Network Preferences. Everything looks good in Channel Configuration (checked for duplicates). It happens on all sequences (however, I did use th
  22. looking for the mp3 for the Broken THX to add t our music.
  23. Hello friends: ​ ​I want to make my own animated ligths with LED and I have see the 16 channel DC controller, but I have doubts... ​ ​1) Exists the 16 Channels DC controller for KIT (DIY)?, which is the price?. ​ ​2) Can I use 2 DC controllers to have 32 channels with only one PC?. ​ ​3) The software is Free for 2 controllers?. ​ ​4) Need I any more than software, controller, pc and led lights to start?. ​ ​ Thanks in advance!!.
  24. Before I destroy a good set of lights, has anyone tried this? I have a 100 lamp led light string I would like to shorten. Having to add a resistor to the shorten end to use the extra power that shorting the string put on to the remaining lights is above my pay grade. These a good quality strings from a vendor in Kansas They have the 115 volt plug and two wires to the first blob, then three wires from there to the second blob and three wires to the third blob and then two wires to the end female plug. Is it possible to cut this into three sections? I don't care if I lose the ability to connect
  25. I have been unable to find out how to tell the LOR Software that I have some strips that start from the bottom, and some that start from the top. And I am having problems with injecting power. I couldn't upload the photos due to size, so I uploaded more details to my dropbox page. I realize it is a bit unorthodox but I wanted to describe things as thoroughly as possible. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/spa/pbm4rut0gwi7qef/rgb_pixels/index.html
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