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  1. I made some window frames this year out of 1x2 pressure treated lumber. Used a dado cut in back (3/4" wide, 1/2" deep) and drilled holes in channel every 1 1/4 inches. I strung each frame with with 3 strings of lights (red, green, white - each with 4" spacing). They look great on the windows and give me all sorts of fun sequencing options. Check out the video - I used the windows for the drum part of Little Drummer Boy.
  2. Hello all, We bought our first controller last X-mas. I think we're hooked. We bought two more for our Halloween display this year. Everything in the video is hand made, including the tombstones. We learned to make a few of the props from Halloweenforum.com. We wanted to be original and not use the Halloween display items sold in the stores. It just seems all the stores sell the same stuff. Many of the houses in the area have the same feel to it. We got the faces from Holidaycoro.com and had to install the lights. It took us several weeks to make everything. It was worth all the hard work.
  3. I'm working on my DIY DMX and need to find some small outdoor plastic inclosures very similar to the ones LOR sells for their controllers but smaller. I want a waterproof latched door. The size needs to be fairly small, perhaps W4"xL4"xD2" or somewhere around there. I can find some pretty inexpensive boxes out there but not the small size (LOR Partner: http://store.creativelightingdisplays.com/Enclosures_c19.htm). None of the box home improvements stores, local electrical supply store, or internet searches reveal a source of supply for them, but I know they're out there, I see them in
  4. Newbie here looking to go big this coming Christmas and want to start planning now... I'm trying to keep the cost down as much as possible so I figure I have time to solder my controller boards (even though I've never soldered in my life). My question is about the soldering iron, does it need to be a certain watt or type? I see my local Fry's electronic store has a 60 watt iron on sale this week and I thought about picking it up. I don't want to waste the money if it's the wrong kind, or if there's something better for not much more. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Can't wai
  5. Does anyone know if it's possible to use a pixel screen controller to control pixel strings? I'm basically talking about the controllers they use for modular displays and concert backdrops. I'm sure there's some sort of correletion....
  6. Hello people! Happy new year to all! For 2013's Christmas, I was thinking to use one of lightorama's 12vdc board, to fire gerbs, and gerbs only. Any ideas!?
  7. A few years ago, I purchased something called garland tie. I purchased it in after Christmas sales. While not as tough or "prickly" as regular Velcro, it sticks and I used it for storing cords and light sets. It looked something like this: I recently came across this: http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/R-202261952/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053 It costs $3.47 for 45 feet at Home Depot and seems to be the same stuff. I cut this to the correct length plus about an inch for overlap plus another inch to do this... After I cut the correct length, I fold over that last 3/4 inch.
  8. Hello everyone! So today I started making my "Tune To" Sign, I have had those visions right before drowsing off for quite sometime. Then I got this this idea and thought it would work. I ordered a foam cutter, and cut stencils from cardboard. Cut the letters out on the foam using the stencil as guides and walla! This is what I got so far. There will be lights embedded in the foam, and the foam will disperse the light (hopefully) Feel free to copy my idea and share pictures of yours! "How To" pictures to come... This here is 400pt Myriad Pro Font...
  9. I am wondering if I can cut my 50 light LED strings shorter & if they will still work? I am thinking about different displays, ex stars that are too small to for the full strings. Is their any problem doing that? Any suggestions? thanks
  10. For those that have built or tried to build a 12' or higher mega tree in their display know how time consumming it can be and the difficulty in trying to keep all those lights from tangling during assembly. Two years ago I decided to do something about it by coming up with a design which is both tangle free and easy to assemble and store. I thought I would share my design for those interested. I just purchased LOR equipment so next year will be the 1st year of using a musical sequence to control the little mountain next to my home. Attached you will find the pdf file and narrative on the c
  11. Hey guys First time here, I'm hoping to set up a DMX light-show for next Christmas. My first Start is to be able to control individual pixels on 10m of 6803 Intelligent Strip. Whats the best way to do this and Whats the cheapest way? Thanks
  12. Check out our new how to video about making Linear RGB Wall Washers. See it on youtube at this link We made them 6ft and 12ft for less than $30 each. The 12ft one was daisy chained to the first so it did not need the DMX controller and the price was under $30 but even with the controller it would have been less than $40. Printable instructions at www.mrtoomanychristmasdecorationsguy.com hope you like it and happy DIY projects to you.
  13. Glad to see well over 1,200 members are apart of my website! Ourlightdisplay offers dozens of free sequences as well as some that contain a cost. Any costly sequences are now just $10.00 for the next two days in case anyone needs that special sequence that will just make their display! After running the website for a few years, I felt it was time to start a Facebook page for it. It would be great to gain some support by liking our page at www.facebook.com/ourlightdisplay. Also by liking the page you will achieve first access to any new sequences, offers, and much more. Proud to be a part of t
  14. I am interested in purchasing something like these RGB LED spot lights. It seems simple enough. But Ray Wu mentions that I need an RGB controller or a DMX decoder. I obviously don't understand either one of these since all I have is a whole bunch of LOR controllers. Is there someone that can help me understand exactly what I need in order to wire the 3 different colors so I can plug them into my LOR boxes in order to control the 3 colors separately? Thank you.
  15. Got up this morning for my daily 6 am walk to find my donation box, in this case a 6 foot tall PVC candy cane, had been ripped from the ground and stolen. No chance to replace it this year so the organizations we support are the losers. Will have to make it more secure next year.
  16. I have 3 cheap chinese power supplies from Ray Wu powering my dumb rgb strips and rainbow floods. I haven't yet figured out where exactly in my show (eg, I don't know if they are doing it at the same songs/timings yet), but during my show they cause the small UPS around the house to click on and off as though they are correcting for power issues. Has anyone seen this before and/or does anyone know anything helpful about how these switching power supplies ramping their draw up and down rapidly might induce such a behavior on the UPS's? And if so, is it something to worry about or just somethin
  17. I want to build a animated shooting star with my LOR 12v 16ch controller. Need a source to buy string of lights in 12 volt. Of course a in expensive price. Please advise. KJ
  18. so I used the holiday coro programmer and was able to connect and run the flood off LOR.. I moved it outside and connected an enttec open & holiday coro adapter.. 100 foot of cat5 cable.. when I was using the programmer and 5 foot of cat5.. I saw no problems .. the flood would strobe and react the way we expect it to when running the LOR sequences.. now that it's going through all these connections and a long cat5 cable it doesn't react as quickly or strobe anymore ... does anyone have any suggestions on what I can change or know the max length of the cat5 cable? not sure if I can get a vi
  19. Hi everyone, I know the answer is somewhere on the internet, and I do apologize, but I can't seem to find it. I'm very new to Light O Rama, and I have been looking for info on how to get started and connect a setup for 6 Cosmic Color Ribbons to make a tree. Can the Ribbons be safely cut and shortened? I understand about getting a starter package, but it's confusing there after. For this type of setup, do I or don't I need a 16 Channel starter package? I'd like to keep the setup as simple and convenient as possible. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Dave
  20. It may be a silly question ... but what is the difference between an indoor 100 led 24 volt led chain and an outdoor one ? Ok the quality my not be as good , but they are both 24 volt so no high voltage shock risk, the outdoor led chains are not that great quality as the ones I have purchased are not waterproof and have rusted through after 3 years . Am I missing something major ?
  21. I placed an order with acehardwaresuperstore.com for spt for my display, just as a warning google these people first! Worst company I ever went through! I'm trying to cancel my order. They said it was back ordered, now they say they never actually had it but its still on the site. Just my 2 cents, but I recommend steering clear of them.
  22. Does anyone know if it's possible to add DMX to an existing LOR network? I don't mean plugigng in another dongle into my computer..... I mean controlling DMX lighting out of one of my LOR controllers. Either directly or by adding a DMX dongle to the extra Cat 5 port on the controller. I understand how to do it by adding another Universe / network. I'd just rather not have to run another cat 5 outside if I don't have to....I read through the AusChritmas guide and one other and if it was explained I missed it.
  23. Greetings, we use LOR's for our daynamic lighting and have run into an issue. Where a light was dislodged and popped a fuse. I'm wondering now since we can't see the fuse status by looking at it and finding a DMM when I in panic mode sucks, Can I replace the Fuse with a Breaker. What are the Pros/cons for this action? I've not done it yet but it would simplify my stress if I could just see the button popped out to know something went wrong.
  24. I've seen some interesting things online of people using 5mm LED's and converting their old Incandescent to LED using the same strings and sockets but adding resistors? I'm wondering if anyone did this before and if they had success? Does anyone know any good video/ website/ forum/ page where there is a detailed step by step DIY on how to do this? Thanks a bunch in advance!
  25. Amazon right now has the Light Keeper Pro (NOT the LED keeper) for $17.50 + shipping. That's a decent deal for the tool this far out of season, and could be a huge help during your set up. If you have Prime, or if you spend $7.50 more on something else ($25), the shipping is free on your whole order.
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