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  1. More than two years?!?! Wow! I'd be ticked too. How did you pay? Why not report the transaction to paypal or your credit card? All that I know is I paid on Sept 30 and the package was at my door on October 4.
  2. I ordered on the WLC Venture pre-sale. I had a tough Spring (health wise) and wound up not paying. I just contacted them last week, paid and they shipped. I know that some people have had issues with WLC Ventures before, but I have to give them a big thumbs up!
  3. Has anyone checked these with the e681 controller yet?
  4. I've gone a slightly different way with my CCRs. I use the on various props for various seasons. (Tiny arches for Easter, A Talking face for halloween, a 3D star for Christmas and Independence day.) Anyway... I have attached sticky-backed velcro to the strips. That way I can store them safely when not in use and easily attach them to the props. Problem is that I can't get the velcro to stay attached. I used sticky-backed velcro. I've tried using hot glue and even gorilla glue. But nothing sticks to the ribbons. (are they made of teflon?) Does the "glazing tape" stick well to
  5. I'm unclear about this too. Are we talking about the last three digits? My first order was 049, second was 319... Anyway, it looks like they combined shipping as the costs billed were about $56 less than the shipping on the original order.
  6. 4 orders in (damn $2,500 limit). Under 4 minutes. Got everything that I wanted. Woo-hoo!
  7. I'll quit (tomorrow). Problem is everyday when I wake up it is TODAY. When is tomorrow?
  8. So, I am seeing two entries. Right? Bob? What is the total today?
  9. I purchased 60 sets of GE energy smart 50 LED Colorite miniature lights during the after Christmas sale. I plugged a few in to my my show for a very quick test and then seemed to work. I was very concerned reading that sets with 3 wires to a light won't dim properly because these sets have 3 wires to each socket. I finally had time to pull them all back out of storage and test today. They dim fine (with no snubber). Thank God. At $4.80 a set, they were a nice bargain. If they don't dim, it isn't a bargain!
  10. Does your neighborhood have a name? I live in a neighborhood called Lowes Island and use that name. That way people have an idea where my light's are. If I called it "Ed's Electric Christmas" "Urbaniak's Uber Wonderland", people wouldn't know where to go. Although, I to like the suggestion for Miztel's Magic Christmas. Once you have an idea for a name, make sure that the domain is available.
  11. I have one (doesn't say SainSonic) and I love it also. I especially love the price and that it isn't a kit. There are many satisfied users of the EDM products on this forum.
  12. AMEN Brother! I pick my songs, because I like them. I watch my show nearly every night and it makes me happy. One of my songs is slow. If people drive away, so-be-it.
  13. No worries. I'm easy going. I was just concerned that the OP didn't understand my question (and maybe I was right). You mentioned something that you purchased at home depot to cover the wires (or maybe I misunderstood.) Do you just use another piece of MDF?
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