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  1. I'll add a bit of info for you. The DC controller outputs (3) different -12vdc levels and (1) +12vdc. Usually the black wire in this case is the +12vdc but pay close attention to the labels on the strip itself. There is no manufacturer standard to the color coding. With that said, usually, the Red wire is for Red, Blue for Blue and Green for Green. You can attach clip leads to them from the power supply and test by simply connecting the +12vdc wire then touch -12vdc to each of the R, G, B wires one at a time. The controller varies those -12vdc levels on each of the outputs to obtain whatever color you wish the strip too be. As stated already, in the case of dumb strips, the entire strip will be whatever color you wish it to be and the fades, twinkles and shimmers will work.
  2. Just in case you haven't read it already in these forums, Do Not buy "Martha" lights from HomeDepot. They are worthless unless its strictly on/off. Dimming can cause fires.
  3. I've got extra ELL's I'm not using and I'm willing to sell. Send me a PM if still interested
  4. I'll run mine tonight, Monday, then possibly shut it down for the season. Depends on how many cars are still coming by. Normally after I shut it down, I start taking it down the next day as it takes me a solid week to take it apart and get it put away.
  5. Change the pixcon to E1.31 and run an ethernet cable to it from the computer's TCPIP port
  6. dgrant


    Just this year, first time, lost an HLE string for a megatree (blowing fuses). They've been in-use for 6 seasons now. I'm not complaining at all, they work great.
  7. DOS 1.0 !! Actually my first computer was an analog inertial navigation system and not mine...lol. First software I ever wrote was machine code at the CPU level. Next was IBM29 card punch and then upgraded to ASR33/35 teletype with paper tape. Used it as a bootstrap loader to then run a mag-tape which loaded "Assembly" based machine code. We're not old, just gracefully becoming wise.
  8. I've wired small 12v relays to the cmb24d card, which allows me to control other things
  9. Are these controllers on the same network? Do you run some type of cleanup sequence at the end of your show?
  10. Sorry, Yes for the OP. My thought was that if he was trying to load all before playing and his computer was running out of ram, then it would certainly be an issue. I would expect an out of memory error notice popping up but who knows. I run an older Dell T5500 with 72gb of ram, so I'm not limited in anyway. Oh yes, don't forget that the Windows 10 Home, I think, can only use 4Gb of ram. Must go to Professional to get access to more ram. Just popped into my head so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. I miss two things we had in S4. The visualizer that would play while the show ran and the ability to manually turn on a channel directly from the sequence editor and see it turn on outside.
  12. Matt is correct! I used this with help from him and my "packed" pixel tree using a San Devices E682 is now configured properly which allows me to now have motion effects. Prior to this, I had manually created each and every individual strip with the varied lengths and had those in the preview. This method worked but wouldn't allow for motion effects or SuperStar changes or creations although I've not gotten back into SS as I did in S4...yet. Thank You Matt!
  13. In the show editor, when you clicked on the "Options" button, did you select the load before or load as needed option? Did you use compressed sequences?
  14. If they were/are dim, I was thinking you had them dimmed or possibly you've limited the controller output on those channels. I bought some LED strobes long ago but after testing them, O quickly found they weren't going to work as I wished. They all blinked at the same time unless you left them on for several minutes. Doing so would allow them to slowly spread out and look better.
  15. There's a device manager setting too that you should check. Its for the usb ports that disable automatically to conserve power. I'd be checking that and do not allow it to disable itself.
  16. V5 was a big help for me. Plus its got a nice whole controller self-test pixel display capability that'll show up any issues.
  17. I was just about ready to do projections this year then changed my mind. Yes, the on-screen display would still show between songs/sequences. So I got to thinking...lol, dangerous for me. I used a spare channel from a CMB24 for dumb strings. Then wired into just the "R" terminal therefore getting the -12Volts from there and of course the +12V from the feed to its output. That gave me a controllable 12v for a relay. Wired in a small relay then used a very old computer CD player and directly wired a pair of wires onto the open/close button and connected them to the N/O contacts on the relay. Used an old computer power supply to provide power for the CD player and by passed the powerup function on the power supply. So after all that, I created a video sequence in LOR and just before starting the video, I commanded the one channel to turn on for just 1 second Sure enough the tray will either open or close on that command. At the end of the sequence, I trip it again for 1 second. You must start out by having it open and blocking the light path so when it closes, the light path is now open and let the light shine through! What I didn't get to was disabling the CD player's drive or RW head assembly but should be easy. This was all destined for a waterproof box, complete with vent fans and etc...projector will be very hot.
  18. Many eons ago, in the USAF, working on a flightline, there was this single computer that belonged in a jet fighter. No matter how many times we checked it and fixed it, it never worked. We replaced everything inside and even the case itself leaving only the metal ID tag that had not been replaced. Even I went through it with a fine-toothed comb and extreme detailed diagnostics and found nothing. One of my co-workers went to reinstall it into the designated aircraft when it had a accident and fell off the side of the aircraft. I was told it hit hard and the small cards inside, went flying. That computer was sent "away" and never to be seen again....problem solved. Now I didn't condone that action or its slip and it had nothing to do with me. I never did find out if its slip was less of an accident or a real accident but guess I'm thankful I didn't find out. I'm the type that would have to report it, after all, it belonged to the people of the U.S. and it wasn't cheap. At least it didn't suffer a shotgun blast!
  19. I too bag most of my exposed controllers. The remaining are tucked under a wooden structure holding up a pixel tree. The structure is then covered with outdoor rug/fake-grass. Its not waterproof but it does well with hiding the controllers. I also hang a huge red bow on the front just to make it look nicer.
  20. I would think you should be able to use a second controller and set them up with the first controller, run the first half of each string/strip. The second controller set up to run the second half of each string/strip. You would have to sever the string/strip and solder on new connectors but that would remove the power injection needs. Essentially you would be dividing your strips/strings in half and separately controlling each half without any worries on cooking a controller.
  21. The ELL receives its power from either a controller on the outside or a "powered" LOR usb adapter. A regular adapter will not work.
  22. I've got a bunch of ELL's that I no longer use. This is because they work on 900mhz but here, someone or something is transmitting a signal that interferes with the ELL's. I would see strange things happening during the show and even when the show wasn't running, anything connected to ELL's would be doing their own thing during the day. Changing the ELL settings and channels, did nothing to stop it from happening therefore they are no longer being used. I regards to rebooting, I shutdown my computer every night and reboot each day.
  23. I ran into it once but found that if I processed the audio through Audacity, CBR mode, things worked better for me. Not sure it will for every song. VBR messes things up
  24. Just FYI, they have a newer firmware, V5, that resolves many issues but its not finalized yet and there's no instructions for it.
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