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  1. Yeah I dont think my data is lost but my visualizer seems to have changed some props don't work, it talks about after i save the missing ones will be deleted. Very Strange. Oh Yeah im on ver 5.08 running windows 10
  2. Worst problem is that it was for my Halloween show and was all done.
  3. I uninstalled 5.08 and reinstalled it, now my Halloween sequences are coming up with all the house outline's hash marked out. Was giving me some sort of error that some of my props were in the sequence but not in the visualizer I believe. Now when I play my faces work but none of the house outline is working. I cant get the error back up and none of the songs are working properly. Tried playing with the visualizer and going to a backup now everything seems to be duplicated.
  4. Would love a copy also Anthonyrusso131@verizon.net
  5. Would love a copy also Anthonyrusso131@verizon.net
  6. Exactly as you said it, I figured when you removed the item from the grid it would get rid of everything... Thanks for the info.....
  7. AR02 Sequence Editor V5.08 Windows 10 Home When I Delete A Prop It still appears in the visualizer and Still Runs like it was programmed, If I add the prop back in, it shows up with the same data it was originally programmed with.
  8. When I remove a prop it still plays in the visualizer, and if I add it back in it shows up with the data still intact.
  9. Has anyone done a singing face sequence for this yet ? Would love a copy for halloween.
  10. Would love a copy. Anthonyrusso131@verizon.net
  11. Nope Stupid me, it was on my second screen. LOL
  12. Tried to upgrade to 5.08 but just brings me to blank screen is there a problem ?
  13. Okay I figured it out we can still export as intensity file, but I liked to be able to copy and paste it.
  14. Hey Matt, sorry to jump in , but in S4 I would do a copy and paste of the exported Superstar file into my regular file. I'm a little confused now of how to get a superstar file into the s5 sequencer.
  15. When I highlighted a section of a prop and tried to use the cut or the copy feature it gave me an error. LORSequencer-trace.txt
  16. Sure send it and thanks. Anthonyrusso131@verizon.net
  17. Would love a copy also Anthonyrusso131@verizon.net
  18. Could i get a copy to please Anthonyrusso131@verizon.net
  19. Would love a copy also Anthonyrusso131@verizon.net
  20. Did this to me to. Ended up deleting all the program from the hard drive manually and reinstalling. Now it works again. Always make sure you back up your data when upgrading or downgrading.
  21. Could i get a copy to please Anthonyrusso131@verizon.net
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