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  1. You can get someone on https://www.fiverr.com/ to record voice files for you. I just use Audacity to make my voice sound like an elf....
  2. I use a Sony A6300 on a tripod, plug a digital portable FM radio directly into Mic jack on camera for no background noise. I also record at 2 or 3am and have very few vehicles driving by. Videos on my site at: https://9thstreetlights.weebly.com/2017-videos.html
  3. I have always started on Thanksgiving night even when I just had a static display. With some extra planning back in January when I was planning the changes for this years show I was able to get this year up and ready 8 days early. Just need to put out my signs and adjust a couple of timers and JINGLE BAM! I'm up and running. Happy Holidays and may your display Glow Merry and Bright
  4. Just recorded a radio interview with a local station. DJ is trying to get a head start and contacting the local displays for quick interviews he can play during his radio show in December. He also does a Party Bus tour of the displays.
  5. I got 3 CTB16PC-COMPLETE now I have to build those mini trees and wheels and and and....IT NEVER STOPS!!!!
  6. I would like a copy also, Please and Thank You dbltrukr1@yahoo.com
  7. Question along the same line. I'm running 3.11.2 Advanced, if I buy a SuperStarSequencer licence will I be able to upgrade to S4? From what I can find on LOR site and Forums I think I can but want to make sure.
  8. Lights are in tubs in the shed, pole is stored outside. I did wrap the pipe threads with electrical tape before putting on the rack with my ladders to protect them.
  9. Makes you wonder if that "bob" guy is lurking around the forums watching our every post....... Thanks for the info "stil" and Thanks "bob"
  10. I have Chinese text showing up at the top of my Status Log. I clear the nights activity and it goes away but is there again the next morning when I look. What? Why? Is it a problem I should worry about?
  11. I had a crimp on female terminal that was broken inside the plastic insulation on the power cord last year that gave me the same problem. Drove me nuts for 3 days.
  12. Anytime I have run Windows Update I have had to reinstall the LOR USB485 drivers from the CD to get mine to work weather it was on my old XP machine or the Windows 8.1 machine I am running this year.
  13. Looks good. How many controllers are you going to buy in the Mad Grab sale?
  14. I had the same problem the other day with my daytime playlist. I had to rebuild the playlist and save it under a new name to get it to quit scrolling. Not sure why it started or if I am going to have the same problem again later.
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