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  1. Thanks for the help - I guess one fast way to fix it is to simply install the "background" effect lighting I want into each musical sequence. I can do that tomorrow...
  2. I have a combination of gear, spread on 3 LOR networks - one is 500K for a 12CCR (CCR1500) tree, and the other two are 57k for LOR controllers, CTB16PG3, CMB24D and CCB100D. All firmware is current.I am on the current software as well. I have a show that includes one background animation sequence to turn on the icicle lights, and border lights that runs the full show then had about 8 musical shows that run in sequence. I was bothered to see that the background lights were almost flashing in sync with the musical show event, not actual time, but constant flickering. For testing, I modifi
  3. I found an interesting issue when using LOR on two different systems. When I copy files from one to the other, I found an issue with the SHOW files. I had created the SHOW files on System 1, but when I ran them on System 2, it reported the Music Sequence files could not be found. The Music Sequence files were there, and I could open/edit/save on System 2 - however, I had to rebuild the SHOW files on System 2. My guess is that the absolute file locations were different on System 2. This is a minor issue, but puzzled me until I found the work around. (current LOR software version)
  4. As an UPDATE - I did open a Trouble Ticket and have gotten a fix. There was a bug that was identified and appears to have caused my problem. When I used the updated program Tech Support provided, this works properly. THANKS :Support - you ROCK.
  5. I am almost done converting my sequences for our new location. I am using S5 to create a new sequence, inserting the existing Superstar Sequences into the 12 CCR/Star element. All that worked well until I worked to convert the God Bless the USA military melody. In Superstar the sequence works great - but if I use S5, create a new sequence, save the file, then choose select row, insert Superstar sequence - I get to Superstar, open the God Bless sequence, in Superstar it works great - on exiting, and telling S5 - yes, insert - the playback in S5 displays only the initial 29 seconds of SS di
  6. Thanks - I was doing that (after I found the video training about it...). I still prefer the classic tree/star display in SuperStar, rather than the cone with square blocks image that is created when I use S5-insert SS effects-. I am using it, it works - but it is a display image I miss.
  7. Brian - how do I get Superstar to show the Tree/Star above, when I go from LOR 5? I have a 12 CCR tree and star - in Superstar I get that display, but when I try to insert a Superstar sequence in LOR 5, it launches Superstar with only a cone-shaped tree and no star... I am using the most current software. I did view the FAQ video about importing purchased Superstar sequences - I guess I can use that at least the CCR and Star is combined - would still like to see the old-style CCR/Star tree in Superstar...
  8. Will do this later today. I had not created a new element as above, but had been trying to convert - thanks.
  9. I agree it is hard to describe. Let me try this. If I have a CCR tree where 1 is the bottom, and 50 is the top and a sequence instruction was to send a comet action from 1 to 50, and I were to physically change that to be a horizontal bar - where the 1 is on the right, the 50 is on the left - if i were to run the same sequence I would expect it to start at the right end, going toward the left (1 -50). What I had done was in the sequencer, I tried changing my currently vertical tree to a horizontal structure using one of the Matrix choices. That appears to show the 12 CCR's in a horizon
  10. Thanks Brian, - I think you are right. I was thinking that the CCR ribbon(s) would hold their sequence instruction as initially programed (with 1 at the bottom and 50 at the top of each CCR ribbon) and just let me rotate the tree by 90 degrees - (each of the 12 CCR's is built with 1 at the bottom and 50 at the top.). Maybe what I will do is leave it as a Tree in the sequencer and just physically hang it sideways (rotate CCW 90degrees) with the CCR's parallel to each other, CCR 1 at the bottom. That way I reason, the sequence should play on the CCR thinking it was a tree, but because I rotated
  11. I have moved, and I don't have space to mount my 12ch ccr tree (with star). I do have space if I can change the tree into a horizontal grid of parallel lines. In my S5 Preview, the CCR tree is a Tree180 shape, 12 strings, starting bottom left. What I hope to do is take this setup, remove the star and mount the 12 CCR's horizontally - but I cannot identify which "shape" to use. When I tried to use matrix-horizontal-quad or matrix-horizontal-rectangle, although the general shape seemed correct, when the sequence played back, the effects were wrong. It appeared as though the effects were
  12. After running this by Matt, he suggested using the that I could use Sequence - File References to change the .avi file location (and/or other files) to the new directory. I didn't know this, this is handy info to know. The moral of this story is to be cautious moving files around while editing. I was able to correct my mistake right away because I was editing at the time I renamed the directory and it still fresh in my mind of what I had done. Thanks for the headsup. That menu reference (Sequence/File References) is going to be very helpful, and I missed that so far in using S
  13. Thanks - Yes - that will do it, both moving the instruction and changing the length of time.
  14. I am in a section of S5 Sequencer (beta .14) and have a section of instructions that I would like to grab as a group, and nudge over in time, like SS. I do use cut/paste now but it would be helpful in correcting timing to have than nudge ability I think. ( I searched to see if this had already been requested, and did not find it - excuses if this is a duplicate)
  15. Using this toolbar effect at sound level for a RGB row results in a nice effect, it took me a few minutes to realize that setting the color picker to a single color, I could easily control the RGB color wash I wanted matching the sound intensity.
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