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  1. The RGB channels just get added to the system. You can run LOR controller boxes, multiple DMX universes, and much more simultaneously. And if you want to use all the channels for non RGB LEDs, that is just fine. You will have 3 times the channels available that way. However, I would be careful to make sure you have equipment that can handle your power needs. Just using 9 16ft strips with the equipment I set up here will be pushing beyond the rated power limits. I wouldn't be able to run 27 full length strips. Just keep you power needs in mind when building your setup.
  2. I spent a lot of time initially doing research on DMX, affordable options, and finally a lot of time to get it all to work. I wanted to share my work with others who want to do the same, so I have started making some youtube videos to help make that possible. I also demonstrate some methods for programming RGB channels using LOR S3 Advanced. Nothing Christmas yet, but I am working on some side projects and have 4 videos posted from last year on my YouTube Channel. Hopefully everyone can find my videos helpful for first time setups. I setup DMX to my LOR software using the Enttec Open DMX US
  3. Yea I showed a clip of a song I was programming, apparently its blocked in America :/ Im working on it, or I will repost video without the clip.
  4. I have a great inexpensive way to get 9 RGB channels set up from one controller using DMX. I followed a tutorial online, then made it a little simpler for me, and I used some RGB LED strips. This setup could power 9 full length 5m RGB strips. If you just want to power one you only need a 3 channel DMX controller. But you will need a power supply and a USB to DMX dongle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfHGN5tnyH8
  5. Excellent! Ok, so to add up the channels I am assuming each RGB strip takes 3 channels, 1 per color. And since I can setup more DMX universes, and E1.31 will boost the channel support, I will be broke buying equipment before I max out my channels it seems.
  6. For Christmas, I purchased 2 LOR controller boxes (CTB16PC), and had an awesome time programming our 32 channel light show on the house. LOR network was easy to setup, and it all makes sense. Now I want to run with DMX because I want to use lots of RGB LEDs. First question, can I use both the LOR network boxes and channels designated through DMX if I were to use an ENTTEC open DMX usb adapter? I was hoping I could just setup my channels to each network and run them through the software at the same time so I could use both. Currently I have 3 RGB LED strips that have 150 SMD 5050 LEDs on the
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