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  1. Hi All, I just published a updated version of the studio This was mainly to verify that the downloaded zip file did not get corrupted. If you download it and extract and try to run and it says the file is corrupted or the system does not run please check any virus software to insure it is not interfering with the zip. Also I have made the RGB Studio Demo a You Tube video so please feel free to watch it from the site. This is all located at www.actiongamegadgets.com under the Services tab. Thanks, Victor
  2. Hi, I will look into this and post back the results. Thanks, Victor
  3. I don't believe it's windows 8.1 as the previous computer was a windows 8.1 machine and it ran everything perfectly. I believe it's the fact I now have dual video cards and I think the program does not know how to handle that configuration. Victor
  4. Just got a new machine and Super Start Editor will not run at all. it is a Gigabyte AMD 6 core with 16 gig of memory and a AMD dual video cards setup with 2 Gig. All other LOR software runs just fine. This is my show machine and it also is running shows without a problem. Can someone assist in this. Victor
  5. Hi Virgil, I have attached a MDL file that should represent your Mega Tree. Let me know if it works for you. Thanks, Victor Mega Tree 300.zip
  6. Hi All, Well I have put together a demo on using RGB Studio to sequence songs. You can find it at www.actiongamegadgets.com under the service tab in the RGB Studio section. In doing the video I found a few areas that need some more work and I will get to those items. For the most part it does show how to work with sequencing. It goes from the audio sequencing part to the export out to the LOR Sequence Editor and finally shows the sequence play in LOR Visualizer. I hope this helps and let me know if you would like to see other area's explained. Thanks, Victor
  7. At what point in the running of the program did this happen? In your users folder you should see a folder called CsdII. In there you should find an RgbStudio.txt file. If you could send it to me or attach it I can take a look to try and resolve this issue. Is anyone else having a similar problem? Thanks, Victor
  8. Hi All, One more update before work starts. In this update I have added the ability to import a timing file. The system will parse the files by either a tab or a comma or a carriage return. It will then take only the first column and this should be a seconds milliseconds value (ss.ffff). With this information for each time element found it will generate a NONE time point on the sequence grid. From there all you need to do is start building your effects for each time value on the grid. I have tested this pretty well but need your help. If you find anything wrong with this feature or how the
  9. At this time I have no videos available. This is something I have been meaning to get to but time is the hardest thing to find. I will try to post something in the next few weeks. Victor
  10. Hi Again, I managed to port from xlights the Ripple effect. This effect is available in the latest version of RGB Studio You can download the link from www.actiongamegadgets.com. Have fun and enjoy. Victor
  11. Hi Sean, OK, next time I will state that I ported it from xLights even though it is in the About dialog. All - Please note that I ported the pinwheel effect from xlights along with all the other RGB Studio effects!! Victor
  12. Hi All, I know its late in the season but I have just posted and update to RGB Studio over on the www.actiongamegadgets.com site. It's version and I have added a new effect called Pinwheel. If you like go over and get the latest. I am going to try and add a couple more before the season is out so keep checking back. Thanks, Victor
  13. I was also thinking about adding a way to import Audacity label files. These are files that contain time marks that you set as the song plays. With the values inside that file I could create empty time points for each time and all the user would have to do is specify which effect they want in each time point. This is think would be very helpful as I have used it in xlights and it made setting up the sequence a lot eaiser. Thanks, Victor
  14. Hi All, I have been messing around with implementing a BPM (beats per minute) option in RGB Studio. Not sure how it would look in the sequencer yet but I wanted to ask. Does this sound like it would be useful in the sequencing process? Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks, Victor
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