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  1. Awesome job! Can you tell us or provide a link to the pixels you used for the matrix? There are several different versions that use the WS2811 LEDs. They are used in strips, single pixel nodes, and modules of 6 nodes with a curved cover. Below are some links to the different types I found. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/DC12V-input-WS2811-pixel-node-100pcs-a-string-injection-molding-type/701799_722405450.html http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/DC12V-WS2811-pixel-module-with-6pcs-5050-RGB-SMD-LED-50mm-diameter-20pcs-a-string-256/701799_565238739.html http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/4m-WS2811-LED-digital-strip-60leds-m-with-60pcs-WS2811-built-in-tthe-5050-smd-rgb/701799_633124138.html
  2. You probably don't need 30 amps...especially if you use LEDs. I lot of us run a 15 amp extension cord to the controller and use a splitter pigtail to plug in both outlets.
  3. I don't lose sleep over it but when I wake up I usually find myself scanning the yard to make sure all the containers are still there that contain my CCR controllers.
  4. I think it's much more fun to let them find out about the cameras when the police show up. I can't stand vandalism and theft. I would be willing to let my stuff get some damage if it catches the vandals as opposed to scaring them away with signs and they move onto the next victim.
  5. LOL...I think you have more security cameras than my bank.
  6. I would buy the SuperStar software...it will pay for itself quickly in time savings.
  7. So how did you get the license plate? I never saw it look like it came into clear view in the video. I've been thinking of looking into what it would take to record outside my house also.
  8. That reminds me of having watched a movie a few times and never noticing and then one day your kid is in the room and the words stand out like a sore thumb. By the way I'm surprised to see so many people freely list their email address on this forum. I would think using private messages would keep you a little safer from spambots.
  9. Like I mentioned I am using Audacity....but I didn't try to amplify it in sections. Thanks that's one idea I can try tonight. If anyone has a version that sounds as good as that video that you would share...I wouldn't think it would be a problem since I don't think it's sold anywhere. If it is let me know I'll buy it.
  10. You asked for a workaround...adding more memory might get you through the night till they fix it. How much memory do you have by the way?
  11. I saw several member here that were using the THX Robot audio to start their show and thought it looked like a cool idea. The problem was where to get the audio. I'd be glad to pay for any sound I use but I was pretty sure this wasn't sold on iTunes. I found this video I linked below on YouTube and it looks like a member from here but I don't really know everyone yet. I thought the audio sounded awesome in this clip. So I said Hey son you know how to grab audio from a YouTube clip. He's like sure dad just type in this web address....blah blah blah...and out pops an audio file. The problem is the volume level seemed really low. So I tried a second conversion site. Same result. I tried using the Amplification effect in Audacity but the audio was already close to clipping so not much boost at all was causing crackling in those sections. So I didn't see a way to boost the overall volume so that it would be comparable to the rest of my show without making it sound bad. I tried a little bit of amplification to the file but when I viewed it outside you couldn't hear what was going on in most sections of the clip. Anyone else had problems getting good audio for this? Thanks, Gil
  12. If it really is a memory leak...then couldn't you run it on a computer with more memory and reduce the frequency of the errors? I see a lot of messages about memory leaks but not one person mentions how much memory they have in their machines and whether they have actually used the resource manager under task manager to actually watch the memory usage grow. There are a lot of folks with insane numbers of channels and at some point you will push the limits of the PC. Now I have no idea what type of computer you are using so maybe your like me and have a super gaming machine and know there is no way it has anything to do with limitations of the computer.
  13. Yeah I thought these prices looked really high also. But there is a huge drop in price if you buy a minimum of 36+. Plus these look like normal prices to order something to be shipped immediately whereas the other competitors are showing sale prices for items to be shipped months from now.
  14. Ok great...I didn't upgrade yet. I'll just be careful until I do.
  15. Brian...when I want to begin a new sequence I usually open up an existing sequence to establish the layout I want and then click File / New. I really think when I do that you should change the title of the document to something else like "Untitled". If I don't do a Save As and erase the existing name I would overwrite an existing sequence. One day I did a bunch of work and was about to hit save and saw the wrong name up there and panic set in for a second. Its fairly standard in Windows to change it to untitled document when you create a new one.
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