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  1. There is a good chance of this working better for example how many people use the forums and not face(book) and how many are on facebook that are not in the forums. I believe the forum is better myself because too many berate people for asking questions on facebook. They have a tendency to forget they were newbies once themselves. But i believe the people will be served better having more choices to find their answers, but that is just my opinion, and we all know what those are like😄
  2. I was going to buy a pixielink until I saw $22 shipping. $22 for something that may weigh 6 ozs. Looks like they are making up the differences on shipping.
  3. Here is Bob-O's website where you can get miip as well as several other very useful tools. http://itsmebob.com/SD.html Bob does all these tools for free and asks nothing in return. I myself like to donate to him when I can to help let him know I like his tools and to keep him inspired to program more. I really like papagayo. It is the program he made to sequence singing faces. I have been learning it. I have done a couple songs so far and even tho not yet perfect I am very close to getting there. Mainly figuring out the words that aren't in his files. Jerry
  4. I myself am not familiar with iDMX1000 but the ones I've seen online are fairly expensive. I hook up the cat5 cable to my DMX connector on my E1.31 board and then soldered the other end to the xlr plug. Connected that to the first light then Daisy chained from there.
  5. Thes are the heads: https://www.ebay.com/itm/4Pcs-Moving-Head-DMX-RGBW-50W-Stage-Light-Effect-Fixture-Lighting-Beam-11-13CH/322562113570?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 These are the ends I used to make my Own cables: https://www.ebay.com/itm/5-MALE-FEMALE-set-XLR-3pin-DMX-MIC-microphone-cable-cord-plug-jack-10-CONNECTORS/371000261731?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I used CAT5 cables and they work great. The heads do come with a cable to daisy chain the heads. Jerry
  6. Hi guys, Let me share some of my experience so far with the moving heads. First i don't see it being impossible using SS but would not be easy. You have 2 channels that control tilt & pan. It might be possible to program those separately in SS. Then you have 4 channels that control the color of the light, RGBW. Those don't turn on the light, it just tells what color to use when you turn on the light which is a separate channel. You also have a channel for strobe effects. Then you have to consider intensities as 0 - 255 would give you undesirable results. My heads rotate I believe 540 degrees 0 being 0 and 250 being 540, so you have to figure out the range you will use. They tilt about 300 degrees so you can see how those would also be affected. I will try to run a short run with SS this weekend and let you know. I think SE is going to be easier. Also using DMX intensities and LOR ramps give you different effects. You can mix both. Intensities were quicker as they tell it where to go and it jumps to that position. When i wanted the head to move slower I used ramps Once I figured out my range. The heads then slowly follow the ramp to the new position. I haven'y done much recently as I've been trying to make them work with DMX wireless controller. Not having much luck here as the receivers seem to respond too slowly. Anyways if I get a chance this weekend I will share my results. Jerry
  7. If you want to see actual beams then yes. They are only 10 watt lights. But for the price I'll deal with lights just bouncing off backgrounds and whatnot.
  8. Hi guys, I know I'm jumping in here quite late but I'm looking forward to next year's Lighting season. I would love a copy of all three pieces if possible. I love watching your videos as it inspires me and gives me ideas for what I can try to do next year. Happy New Year. eaglesclaw@comcast.net
  9. I bought mine on eBay for just over $180 including shipping for the set of 4. Looks like they've gone up about $10 since then.
  10. In the basic settings on mine there is a setting for fast or slow. Mine is set to fast. Double check your settings to see if that helps. Jerry
  11. Hi Alan. I finally got the starting and ending positions figured out. Now it's been quite a bit easier. Here is where i'm at now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Unn9jTKC4nA As far as the fountain, yes it was me. Didn't do anything more with it this year as i had a full plate, but i was just telling my wife i will finish it this coming year. Here is the link to the post i started. Any questions please feel free to ask. Jerry P.S. Mine didn't come with gobo pictures. Just straight LED's
  12. Thanks I have a 30 gallon aquarium that I'm going to try. They'll sit on my roof so I'll build a platform to mount them up a bit higher so the aquarium will just slip over them. If the aquarium works then I'll work on a way to secure it. Due to how late in the season it is, I'll only get them into a few songs. I'll update a video once I get them weatherproofed.
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