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  1. mail sent. Thanks again for helping.
  2. Is 50 wide x 24 tall e1.31 (san devices e682) The weird thing is that I see the artifacts in the Visualizer too. so I'm guessing something is happening in the creation of the intensity file
  3. The matrix is the only thing I have in the PE. In PE it looks like something on the left... but in the Visualizer and the physical matrix it ends up looking like this: (I'm at work right now.. so I cant do a real screen capture)
  4. I have a matrix on which I want to display the fire effect, so I did that in the PE. It looks fine in PE preview (ie: Flames are all red, orange, yellow) But when I save the intensity file and run it live from SE there are all sorts of of artifacts and other colors. This shows up both in the visualizer and the physical matrix. Any ideas ? Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  5. What if instead of letting the show loop continously.... ....what if you schedule the show to end at at a time of the last song and the schedule the show to start again right after that
  6. My file sizes are (in MB): NYE 1000 (YES 1GB) World of Color 119 Frozen 84 Pre-Show 77 ThunderStruck 68 Wizards 55 All I want 50 Facebook 44 DJ got us falling in love 37 Intro 27 Blurred Lines 24 Deck The Halls 24 Leroy 14 Christmas Eve 11 Christmas in Hollis 10 THX 10 Feliz Navidad 9 Holy Night 5 Rain 5 Mad Russian 4 Jingle Bell Rock 0.882 Christmas Song 0.88 Silent Night 0.835
  7. Update... my show ran fine last night... no Chinese characters. I'm wondering if it has to do with super large files?? I think the night I got the chinese characters, I had a accidentally included a sequence that was a 60MB file. (It was my New Years countdown clock and It's an hour long sequence) I will try to retest during thanksgiving morning and see if the chinese comes back..
  8. Have you tried going back a version on your show computer ?? Maybe to 3.x
  9. Yep still waiting for it to happen tonight... probably around 10pm PST
  10. Bob... I also got some the Chinese characters in my Status window. it seems to be running though.... did see if it reset or did anything weird... I just happened to see the chinese
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