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  1. Thanks for the info. So if I read it right the upgrade from my Advanced 3.12 to the latest version of Pro is $50? Makes sense to get all the strings from the same place. Does anyone have a particular vendor they are happy with? Now to decide on how many to go with. Thanks Again, Matt
  2. Hi Everyone, Six years ago I had a fairly big LOR setup. Three 16 channel controllers and two 24 channel Dumb RGB boards. Then six months after my final show that Christmas I had a heart attack at age 35. Actually a couple of heart attacks but who's counting? Anyway, triple bypass happened and it really knocked me back for some time. It took a year just to get my energy back and for all the soreness to be gone. Obviously a show did not happen that year and I eventually just sold all my equipment. My wife never really cared for the show anyway as she didn't like strangers pulling up
  3. Sorry for just now checking this. I didn't get a notification that someone had commented on my post. Dgtlpro it is not the RDS version. Daryl I sent you a PM. Thanks Matt
  4. Hi, I'm selling all my stuff and getting out. I have a EDM transmitter that was used for the 2012 season. Some things came up and I wasn't able to put up a display in 2013 and now I've decided to get out totally. The transmitter works perfectly and is in mint condition (still has the plastic over the LCD). Comes with power supply and wire antenna. $125 shipped to anyone in the lower 48! Thanks, Matt
  5. 12v out and I can post a pic. It will be tomorrow though.
  6. I have a CMB16D-QC w/ 300W power supply for sale. I purchased new two years ago and used it for the 2012 season. I didn't use it in 2013 due to not being able to put up my display and have decided to sell all my equipment. Looking to get $85 shipped for the board and the power supply. Unit does not come with any cables or enclosure. Thanks, Matt
  7. Open to offers on this one. I realize there will be some work involved to get the triac replaced. If I can't get what I want out of it I'll return to LOR and have it fixed.
  8. Thanks for the info. I saw where some others were selling for $200 so that's where I came up with the figure. I'm am open to reasonable offers as well.
  9. Hi, I'm selling all my equipment and I have a controller that has one bad triac on it. All other channels work great. I will have to go back and look in the sequencer to find out which channel was giving me problems as I can't remember off the top of my head. I purchased this controller new in 2012 and used it for my Christmas display that year. It wasn't used in 2013 and has been stored in my garage ever since. I would like $160 shipped. Comes with power cables and enclosure. Thanks, Matt
  10. Hi, I have one CTB16PC controller for sale. Was use for the 2012 season and sat dormant for the 2013 season. I had major surgery last year and didn't get to do my display and now I've decided to get out entirely. We also have a new baby in the house so time sequencing has been limited. The controller works flawlessly and comes with power cables and weatherproof box. I would like $200 plus a little help on the shipping. Thanks, Matt
  11. Please remove... Thanks, Matt
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