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  1. That is what I am thinking as well. Hopefully you have tried also swapping cat 5 cables.
  2. Hmmm, I have a somewhat related question, but not exactly like the one the OP mentions. First to say I have been using LOR for well over a decade and really love it. I have several different show schedules that I run on my Windows S5 software. Example, Christmas, Independence Day, Veterans Day, etc. Maybe there is an easy menu selection somewhere that I don't know about to quickly select the schedule I want. Currently, I just copy the appropriate "lsc" file into weeksched.lsc and that does what I want. Not really a big deal to do that, but would be nice to have an easier selection menu. So I am wondering what other people do whom may have various different schedules. Hope I explained that to be understandable.
  3. LMS files are created automatically as needed by the program, and saved in the LORinternal as you noticed. I'm not understanding why you are thinking to create one manually and what you will do with it?
  4. Right. I am even having a hard time understanding how that would even work anyway. Also can't understand why to do it.
  5. Amen ! Yup, totally agree. There are a few folks that probably had issues or don't like it, but for me, it is simply fabulous and much fun to use.
  6. Just to say I switched to mostly all pixels a few years ago and glad I did. Yup, I spent a bunch more money and more of a learning curve, but it has been so much fun doing sequences and displays that I would never consider going back. A few videos here. http://HighlandsChristmas.net Nothing fabulous like all the other great displays here by other people, but simple enough for us.
  7. I suppose you could also use a USB to serial adapter (on Amazon or eBay). I have done that long ago and it worked. BUT totally agree with above suggestions that you should just get the LOR USB adapter.
  8. Ah, I see... The ole New Year's eve thing I'm thinking. Not sure how to correct that one. I use a computer to run my shows on New Year's eve, so I don't have Director. I'm wondering if you can fake it out by changing the clock by one minute and still using the 11:59 PM stop.
  9. I'm a little baffled. Are you saying that if you set off time to 11:59 pm, then it all works? If so, is one minute at midnight all that important to lose. I am not being critical, just trying to understand about that one minute you will lose.
  10. I don't know about other folks, but I am a bit confused as to what you want to do. Can you give some more information? Example, are you trying to set up a new computer and can't figure out what is needed to configure it for getting LOR to work?
  11. Wow Jim, I guess I am lucky to have only a few hundred files. I didn't realize it could get to be that many trash files. I'll keep an eye on it in the future. That VERIFY program is pretty nice and has helped me find issues in the past. Seems like a nice place to have a trash collector
  12. Matt, that is good info to know. Thanks. This reminds me of a situation I had several months ago when I unexpectedly was running out of disk space on my show computer (an older computer with not a very large hard disk in my garage). After snooping around I saw a LOT (300 or more) of these avi fles with an average size of about 20 MB. What I did not realize at the time was whenever I edited a sequence and saved it out, the old avi files were never removed and just collected as junk. I'm sure this is no news to you. I figured out by looking in my sequence files that I really only needed the most recent 15 avi files for my 15 songs and was able to delete the rest. Might be nice in the future if those old avi files could be removed by LOR automatically, but of course not a big deal for most people I guess. Just unnecessary garbage building up.
  13. Ok Matt, I can see you laughing hysterically at this reply First to say I had the same issue on my development computer and on my garage Christmas show computer. Often some of those above suggestions will remedy the DirectX loop issue, but not this time. After the installation failure and DirectX issue, I used Windows restore feature to restore the computer back to the point right before installing the LOR update. That resolved the DirectX install loop issue. Then since I have InstallShield development tools, I used them to extract the package and copied only the updated files to my LOR directory., assuming there was no need to install DirectX again. All worked well and has been for the past week. Thinking almost no LOR users are going to have InstallShield development tools, I experimented with another approach. I installed the update on my show computer and sure enough I got into that DirectX loop thing. So I copied all the LOR files off to another temporary directory, did a restore back to the state before the LOR update, and then copied those temporary files back to the LOR folder. All worked well as expected. I thought you would be laughing by now. For anyone else reading this, I was just experimenting since I've created a lot of installers over the years and understand how Windows, the registry and related shares dll files work. I certainly would not suggest anyone try this method even if I did explain it well enough to understand The only thing I was doing other than getting it to work was to confirm a suspicion that once DirectX is already on the computer, it isn't often needed to run the installer again to get an LOR update to work. Not telling you anything you don't already know. LOR developers are REALLY SMART programmers in my opinion.
  14. Thanks Matt. Sorry I misquoted. I was actually trying to install the 5.3.6 update. I got around the problem with a bazaar method that you probably don't want to hear about 😀
  15. Same problem here as you describe when I try to install the newest release 5.2.4. Fortunately 5.2.2 works. I had this same problem last year and don't remember how I got it to work. I just remember it was a pain in the butt. Thanks for the nice detail information above, but I give up. None of the above ideas work. I'm hopeful for the day when LOR might release a version of the installer that does NOT automatically launch the DirectX installer or at least give a choice if users want to install it or not. since my 5.2.2 works, it is pretty clear that I don't need to attempt to install DirectX again, yet the LOR installer won't get past that point. Frankly, I think in most cases, people just need the new set of modified files. I've written installers with InstallShield before, so pretty sure that can be done. thanks all.
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