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  1. Yes, The show runs solid for about 2 hours, sometimes more. it is only when the free memory gets low that I start to see the error. I tend to think if the de-caching of songs was a bit more consistent the issue would go away.
  2. I too am getting "cannot allocate memory for event table" errors. I ran the show through the verifier. It verified everything and was down to loading the sequences when I could see the verifier having issues. What is happening is all the free memory gets used up. This happens during the show as well as using the verifier for the entire show 12002mb total 8747mb is cached 8700mb is available 14mb is free I think once the free memory is used up, it is never released and the show or verifier has problems. -Blu
  3. Yea Pixel Editor should work fine. Although it seems not all the components(props) of a sequence can be imported in. If the Visualizer had a change done to it to allow for channels instead of starting pixel number wouldn't that fix it ? I would not think anything else would have to change, but I could be wrong... BTW, Thanks for taking the time to look at this Vic
  4. I think the problem stems from the LOR addressing its self and how it relates to DMX addresses. My CCR's are set up with the macro channels turned off. The 2nd CCR has to have an address of 0B (DMX address 161) as 0A would be at DMX 145 and that would cause problems with the 1st CCR. There is no LOR Address for DMX 151 the next DMX address would be 161. If I use 0C then the 3rd CCR would have the problem that the 2nd CCR has unless I re-address it as well. However I would then overrun the 512 channels of that universe. My only work around may be to put only 2 CCR's per universe instead o
  5. I am using 12 CCR's for my Matrix through a DMX Bridge. The CCR's are split into 3 CCR's per universe. Here is how they are addressed for each of the 4 universes CCR1 = 01 (LOR Addressing) = Channels 1 to 150 CCR2 = 0B (LOR Addressing) = Channels 161 to 311 CCR3 = 15 (LOR Addressing) = Channels 321 to 471 The problem is when you go to use the visualizer under fixture properties it wants you to use Pixel numbers instead of Channels. You can not use a pixel number as 161 is not a number divisible by 3. Is there any reason on why the fixture properties uses pixel numbers and not channels
  6. Actually I do not use the magic channels and have them disabled. However, If I understood correctly in the past you still had to offset the channels when using a DMX bridge for them to work correctly In my Post was the channel offset I was using for them to work. I can try running them without the offset, but I think it still may not work as expected. I will post back here with my results -Vic
  7. For several years I have been running my horizontal Matrix of 12 CCR's through several E1.31 to DMX bridges This all runs fine and I use the Superstar editor and have all my channels set up correctly. Xlights 3 and 4 also run fine with this configuration. I run my matrix from bottom Left. Here is how I set them up for information Purposes. Universe 2 - channel 1 to 150 (bottom strip) - CCR address 9 Universe 2 - channel 161 to 310 (bottom strip) - CCR address a Universe 2 - channel 321 to 470 (bottom strip) - CCR address b Universe 3 - channel 1 to 150 (bottom strip) - CCR address c
  8. Xlights is currently going through Beta testing for Version 4 The import in the Pixel Editor was only able to read in a Version 3.x Xlights files Will LOR S4 be able to import both versions of Xlights ?
  9. Let me know if you need a beta tester, I can help out. -Vic
  10. I tend to agree with Harrison0550 on this one. This would be a BIG plus in the LOR Column At least allow of Visualization changes to include DMX Matrixes not just CCR's I am not used to doing 3rd part conversions or running multiple Visualizations, so this would help tremendously. -Vic
  11. FOR those that use a Dual NIC in their PC's I use LOR Dongles for the AC controllers and CCR's I then use a Second NIC for E1.31 to my J1sys ECG P12S and P2 controllers. In using a second NIC, It would not work and I had no lights. To fix it, I deleted the Multicast routes as administrator at the CMD line. This fixed the problem and the listener worked and I was able to get all the lights working. Vic
  12. I have been running a matrix for several years Here is one I did, although I use some of the for sale ones as well. The Matrix Idea is great when you have no spot for the tree. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7m4bvE7ZQ0 Vic
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