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  1. Paul, Did you sell your stuff already. I am thinking getting into this sport and want to start with a complete display before I start adding on. Did you come up with a price? I'm in Northern CA which may be a problem but at the right price I'm sure we could get creative. Thanks/MG
  2. Ok, here goes my application (cue the violins). I work in downtown San Francisco and live 120 miles away. Why would I do that? Well, during the last recession, the Central Valley of California was hit hard. I was in the homebuilding industry that was hit the hardest of all and found that the only place for me to find a job was in the Bay Area. However, even IF we could have sold our home (for 1/2 of what it's worth) we couldn't afford to live in San Francisco, where condos cost between $1,000 to $1,200 PER SQUARE FOOT! Can you imagine paying $1,000,000 for an 833 square foot CONDO?... and no yard for LOR? Needless to say, being the good Dad, my kids (14 yo son and 7 yo daughter) and my wife continue to live in our rural home, go to the same great schools, and have our animals on acreage while for the past 3 years I've spent most of my life in my car or away from home working in tiny, expensive, noisy places. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, and I love to work, but I also love my family and spending quality time with them. Before the great recession my son and I had been doing homework on LOR. I thought that it would be an amazing hobby for the two of us and to give back to our community however, now I spend most of my what would have been LOR funds on gas, repairs and maintenance to my vehicle. I still have a huge desire to put together an amazing display. I just need some help to get it going. I have a background in music and sequencing would be a breeze. I've already got song in my head for a Halloween display- starting with "Funeral for a Friend" by Elton John. We have a 30' flag pole in our front yard that I think would make the most amazing Mega tree and we are part of the local rodeo so a 4th of July display is a given. Since we live on a hill and there are no other large displays around, people would come from all around to see what we have done and enjoy. Please consider my application for his contest. Thanks.
  3. I've been collecting and digitizing my music since high school. In high school I used to buy vinyl albums and only play them once so that I could copy to cassette tape. Then I'd play them until the cassette wore out. Then I'd recopy and repeat. I still have all these old vinyl albums that have well taken care of and some have only been played once! When CDs hit the market I started copying to my hard drive. I now have over 98,000 songs on my hard drive.. pretty close to 1/2 a TB. The last time I made a backup, it took 10 hours using a USB. The cool thing is that the title and artists are searchable. So, if you want a CD full of just sailing songs, for example, I can seach and get 50 songs with "sailing" in the title. I do the same thing for Christmas songs./MG
  4. Greg, I'm looking to purchase an entire display. Have you thought of selling the entire kit and kaboodle? I don't know how big your display is but I'd be interrested if you have an inventory of your items and a realistic price in mind. Thanks, Mike
  5. Thanks William. On deck and ready.
  6. Wow, I'm starting to feel lost in the crowd. Don't forget about me! Count me in for 4!!
  7. Sounds like a plan. I'll stay tuned.
  8. I think I'm going need a bigger house! This could get expensive...LOL. Please PM me when you are ready. Thanks./MG
  9. A do over sounds fun. I'm sure you know exactly what you are looking for. Me...a newbie but willing to try. One thing that I'm most excited about is that I have a 30 foot flag pole in the front of the house in the kid's play area. Talk about a mega-tree!
  10. OK, so now you have many years under your belt and would be considered an LOR pro. You've spent countless hours in the cold garage fabricating the ultimate display and using your resources to bring an amazing amount of joy to your audience year after year. What's that? Nobody helped you set up and test? Nobody would help you tear it all down and pack it neatly so that next year you don't have a rat's nest? If the thrill is gone I want to hear from you! I would like to purchase a display. Last year it took so long to get my family excited about this that I missed an amazing deal right in my own back yard. (Northern California).
  11. OneHotRT59 wrote: Just make sure that you don't have any extra blue and red strobe lights when you get home...LOL:dude:
  12. trafficman wrote: Awesome show Traffic. Love the Barry White sections. For some reason I thought I could see my black lab tangled up in the lights on those grassy areas but I'm not sure...LOL:shock:
  13. trafficman wrote: Thanks Traffic. I AM starting to second guess myself...both from the $$ and the time needed to do this right. I have so many ideas in my head that probably need to stay there! Anyone here every PAY people to help set up their displays? I'm already thinking of a temp agency that can send a crew over...LOL Mike
  14. asetti wrote: If I can't do a deal for an entire display at a reasonable price then I might have to go new. If I go new I'll probably "go medium" as you suggested. I too feel that less than 4 controllers is a bit small, at least it is for my yard. The LOR starter kit with 4 controllers might be a way to go when it goes on sale and then start building props. I've historically had power issues with just running the house and to my outdoor plugs. So I KNOW that I'll have to get someone out that knows what they are doing to evaluate and add breakers, etc. Thanks for your input, Mike
  15. I promise that you dont have to jump in unless you are in the mood to get wet. Part of learning via the sink or swim method is the realization that ultimately you are on your own.
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