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  1. James, Would absolutely love to see s copy of this. Thanks so much for your generosity!!! Rstieb@me.com Thanks, Russel
  2. My daughter would absolutely LOVE this.. Can you please send a copy to me as well? rstieb at me.com. Thanks so much!!!
  3. I'd love a copy of this as well if anyone has it.. rstieb at me.com...
  4. So sorry... Rstieb at Orizonti.com... Thanks SOOOO much!!!!
  5. Matt, Great work.. Love it... Zo, any chance you could share the single face sequence? That's my setup and my daughter LOVES the song... Nothing like checking at the last minute... :-) Thanks so much...
  6. Ahhh... So I need to "shorten" my scheduled time to the actual time, or a "touch" shorter... Makes sense... Thanks so much for the help...
  7. I've got a show for Halloween currently running continuously. What I'd like to do is have the show run ONCE every half hour, I've set it up like this in the scheduler, but it runs multiple times within the half hour. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks, Russel
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