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    leaping arches

    can some one send me some sequences for leaping arches i have 32 channels and 3 arches 5 channels each arch just need the sequence to make them leap\ leonardwaker@gmail.com
  2. ok sorry my mistake on not being clearer I have a pixie 16 d it has 16 ports i have 6 strips of pixel with 50 pixels per strip i want to connect these to the ports 1 through 6 of the 16 port controller board .. i have connected one strip already and i wantto connect the other 5 strips .. if i have to get a pro license i will if need be .. but im just trying to go with the basic right now if you like to call me so i can explain better by all means ill give you my number through email \
  3. well when i got to the network part and picked 500k the enhance part was greyed out so i could not click it so no i didnt used it , but i was able to set the id and test to a sequence and all worked fine for just that strip connected to port 1... now my question is i have five more strips of 50 pixels to connect to port 2 through 6 do i do it the same way ?
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you sooooooooo much JR you are a light GOD!!!! your write up saved me and i have a much better understanding now and the lights or pixels are working ... thank you all sooooooooooooooo much .. roll tide roll!!!!
  5. I JUST SWITCHED over to smart pixels ws2811 and i have the pixie 16d controller mind you i also have 2 other regular boxes to run my show along with the cmb24 d for the dumb pixels ran perfect so i am trying out smart pixels to run this year with my other set ups.. my issue is how in the heck do i hook up the pixie strip to the board .. i connected the first one its 3 wire etccc. and its working fine but when i try to connect the second strip of 50 i get nothing do i have to mess with the dip switches on the board? in the hardware utilty it is been seen and has a unit id any help with th
  6. hi every one i just converted over to pixels and i was wondering if anyone had a sequence for the leaping arches .. like chase sequence etccc.. only for the arches i have 6 arches with 2811 12 v pixels any help will be helpful and much appreciated
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