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  1. Could I please get a copy of this if you have it for S3 or S4. I won't share it with anyone. Been 5 years since last I did a show and now wife wants me to do this but its tough at the last minute like this so any help would do.
  2. Sorry forgot to mention my email its overeazy@comcast.net And I will not share it. I really appreciate the help. Last time I did any programing was the last year I did a show in 2015 and right now am so busy just trying to relearn all I forgot and hauling out lights and props to check out to make sure still works. And maybe someday I will be able to return the favor. thanks Duane
  3. Hello, was really looking towards doing my show again this year after a 5 year shutdown but took what felt like a gut shot recently and making me rethink. Then I thought I need to do a song that will make me feel good to see and press on. Trouble is time to get it right so thought I would see if anyone has a YMCA sequence they could share or direct me where I might purchase it. I have been looking and searching but have not had any long. I might have to Brush back up on learning how to program in SS again so I can tweak certain parts just a little. Thanks for looking and hope you get good
  4. People like me? Well at least you recognized yourself in my post and please I don't need help from someone that feels the need to be recognized. I mean is that why you do it? So people can give you recognition? And yes it is really hard to give someone recognition when they simply posted them to LOR sequence sharing web sites without attaching their name to them. But of course they were just happy to help someone out and not looking for recognition. And I was here doing this for 10 years before you even got your toe's wet doing it and I can see how times and people have changed since my
  5. What kind of songs are you looking for. I do have many sequences I picked up from other people from 2006-2014 that I think I could share. I mean they placed them out there to share to everyone so assume it would be fine. Can't share anything I purchased but some of the ones I picked up the web sites I got them from haven't been update in years so they could be long gone. Just don't want to get bitched at for sharing other peoples work, Just seemed years ago people were much less touchy.
  6. After not doing a show since 2015 for several reason I decided that everyone could really use a little Christmas this year so trying to start it back up. Funny how when your old you can forget so much in 4 years so learning somethings all over again. Never used that song before but would love to start the show with it this year. I also have a 16 CCR tree and purchased sequences for it in the past but can't find any of just Lee Greenwood if anyone could direct me. I am trying to the LOR sequence but struggling if anyone could help me with that. If anyone even has just the American Flag wav
  7. Thanks had a feeling I couldn't do it. I use two of the enhanced networks for the CCR's. Well this year I am going with what I had in 2015 Sequence editor 3.1.4 and it all worked ok then so assume I will now. Now wanting to update a thing at this point. Not even sure what I could upgrade to. In checking out all my controlers I have found a couple where the rj45 jack is bad but can operate on a phone cable which I used before. Can't remember but I assume using it causes no issues. Don't think I had any in the past. thanks for the help Duane
  8. OK I got started in 2006 and went dark after 2015 because the new tech was over my head and getting old is hard. Since I kept all my equipment I decided to bring it back a little smaller. Of course every year I needed to add more and got up to 352 channels and think it got too much so this year am going to cut it back to about 250 and my CCR tree. My question is when running the cat 5 (rj45) cable from the controller can you add a splitter so you can then go left and right? In the past I run them just one after another which meant some back tracking. Not sure why I did not ask about it b
  9. Would love to get a copy of your sequence for God Bless the USA. I have been unable to do a show since 2015 but hope to get it back up this year. The problem with age is forgetting what I use to know so trying to reacquaint myself with how everything works and gets set up, checking and replacing lights. I have had so many people ask if I was ever going to bring it back and I figure with the year we have all been through we could really use this now. Would love to start my show off with this song year so we can all remember how blessed we still are. So any help would be appreciated. I am
  10. I know I feel bad every year when people ask me about them. But looking at the weather ahead I might be glad not this year. I had grown it so big that it took me weeks to get done and the weather is the killer. But I can always think next year. Here are some pictures of what I have. One tub is 4 color hooked together.
  11. I have well over 100 strings, maybe many more, of red, green and white used mini lights that I will give to anyone that can use them. They have been used 1, 2, or some 3 years but were all working. I do not want to ship them but if you can pick them up in zip 49441 they are yours. Health reasons has kept me from doing a display for several years so time to go and I hate to just toss them. Email me at overeazy@comcast.net
  12. I have had to take the last two years off for health reasons but hope to be back next year and would love to add this song if you could share. overeazy@comcast.net I understand I am late to the asking but would appreciate it, thanks Duane
  13. Still have these and the green icicle lights for sale.
  14. One thing you very seldom see is icicle lights in solid green. I have 8 sets of green Icicle lights for sale. They are in incandescent mini lights. Each set contains 100 lights, total length is 10 feet and lighted length is 9.5 feets. The strings appear to be longer then most sets with some over 2 feet long. I am asking $6.00 a set plus shipping. All 8 sets will fit into a flat rate medium box and I think that is about $13.60 flat rate to anywhere. I have about 40 sets of red led mini lights, 60 count. 25 sets are still in the box and 15 sets aren't. Easier to ship w
  15. Several years ago I purchased these from Holiday Lighting so they are excellent quality. I never got to that project and my days of large displays is coming to an end so need to sell these. When I received them I unwound them and cut off the tags so they would be ready to go, just never got there. They are new and have never been used. Full Wave 5mm Blue LED Christmas Light Strings- 70ct These 5MM Conical LED Christmas lights have 70 premium grade LEDs per set, 4” bulb spacing with a 6” lead and tail wire, equaling a total length of 24 feet. Regular Male/Female Plugs attached, and
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