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  1. My large effects are glitching during PE playback on the same screen playback, but it works fine in the separate window playback.
  2. Can you have a pixel editor intensity file and a SS intensity file in the same SE sequence?
  3. I know the pixel editor file shows up at the bottom of your sequence in SE. And then I played the sequence through the visualizer. I could see everything. But you do have to have the pixel editor prop of fixture set up in the visualizer.
  4. When I have the listener running on my laptop home internet crashes. Any way around this? My show computer isn't hooked up to the internet so I have never had this problem before.
  5. Can you create a sequence in pixel editor then open it in the sequence editor and paste it to a existing sequence?
  6. When I try to play a sequence through the Visualizer it plays the LOR channels, but not the DMX channels. It worked before the 4.0 beta.
  7. Sent the files again. My e-mail program was messing up.
  8. Yes as long as I use Red Green and Blue in the sequence, if I just use green, it seems to be the only channel exported.
  9. I went into SS and add a all white morph from top to bottom saved and all the channels exported. It looked like it was only exporting the channels with colors I used.
  10. I think they are missing. I'm trying to make a pixel tree non LOR pixels. Do you want the viz file and the sup file. Where do I send the file.
  11. I created a sequence in SS then exported to SE and opened it, I was missing alot of the channels, ex( first pixel only showed channel 2, missing 1 and 3.)
  12. That is one of the benfits of living in the country, no house or street lights, and no moon the night I took the video.
  13. Thanks for veiwing. I am going to add a 16 strand pixel tree this year. I am feeling behind have to learn superstar.
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