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  1. Perhaps I'm having a brain f@rt...but is there a way to select multiple props in an S4 Visualizer so that I can move them all at once?
  2. My show computer died yesterday - YES, I have a full backup..... I copies all of my files over from the backup disk to the new Light-O=Rama folder. Everything works fine EXCEPT none of my graphics show up (graphics=jpg, gif, png files I have created to display on my matrix. The path it is looking for is C:\Users\jamills\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Graphics\filename.ext. But on the new PC it references things as \ThisPC instead of 😄\Users\jamills Seems like I should need to go "someplace" and set the correct file path to my graphics folder inside the Light-O-Rama folder ----
  3. In as much as I stopped wondering why Verifier couldn't check my sequences....yes. As to why the show wouldn't play for three days then magically started working with no changes made....well....no, not really! I'm just chalking this one up to Christmas Fairies (may Christmas Gremlins!).
  4. Support staff told me that Verifier does not understand S5 sequences and will produce results that cannot be counted on at all....so, in other words, don't even try the verifier on S5 sequences.
  5. I heard back from LOR Staff - they said just what I already knew - but clarified a few small details for me. I did not change anything...did not restart my computer...nothing changed. BUT - I tried a Show on Demand again and it worked just like it should have! Makes absolutely no sense. I have been trying over and over and over and over for the past 3 days to get a show to play with no luck at all. Then boom - out of the blue - it starts working. Simply and completely illogical that it would!!!!! But - oh well - it seems to be working for the time being! Thanks to everyone fr your comment
  6. All this "verifier works" or "verifier doesn't work - ignore it" is good to hear ---- but ---- that doesn't negate the fact the my show won't play because it says the sequence can't be found. I was only trying the compressor or verifier to see if there was a problem with the sequence.....which seems unlikely since I can play it from the sequencer with no problems....just can't make a schedule run to play it it from the show. The Sequence is in the show - it found it and let me put it in.....the show is in a schedule....when it attempts to run it simply states that the sequence cannot be o
  7. Yes - the show contains the proper sequence. The Show Builder finds it right where I saved it. When I then run the verifier on either the show, or the schedule or try to find it as the individual sequence it simply cannot find it. It throws up and err that read: "Sequence File Cannot Be Loaded." It does list that actual correct path to the sequence on the far right of that screen..."C:\Users\jamills\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\2019-PRE-Animation.loredit." Says the error message number is "24."
  8. It says it cannot find the sequence, just like it does in the compressor, or in the verifier.
  9. Perhaps in my frustration at how far behind I am I am missing something elemental....but... I have created a simple 3 minute long animation sequence which will pop before and after the show. It plays in the Sequencer and controls the lights properly when I check the Control Lights box. I then used Hub to create a show and a schedule to only play that one sequence and it says it can't find the file when I enable the schedule. I read and read read numerous posts here about not needing to make my own Playback Files....and decided maybe I better run the Verifier and/or the Sequence
  10. LOL....but I wasn't trying to play to the lights - I knew they weren't connected.....they still aren't connected! And yet now the sequences play! All I did was assigned a fake Com port to the Networks. It said the networks were not enhanced...but that was not accurate.
  11. I think I may have figured it out. I didn't have Com Ports on the Matrix because I hadn't yet plugged it in. I added a Com Port to the Networks I didn't have connected yet in the Network Preferences and it seems to be working now.
  12. I began live testing last night (Yes...I'm running behind!) - in preparation for my "Grand Opening" tonight....well I'm getting an error message that makes no sense. It is telling me that either my All Pixels group, or my Matrix (not a group) are preventing the sequence from playing because they are not on an enhanced network. I have ALL pixels, therefore all of my 5 networks have always (and continue to be) marked as enhanced. I have tried turning off enhanced in Network Preferences; saving it; then re-opening it and setting them back to enhanced; saving again.......still the s
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