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  1. Well, since multiple people mentioned the fuse, I went back out to check again. First time I checked the fuse I did a continunity check with my multi-meter. Since the power was on, perhaps that gave me a false reading. So when I checked again, I completely unplugged the unit and check and sure enough fuse was bad. I took a spare fuse from one of my 15 AMP controllers and that fixed it! Thanks for fast support! Between rabbits and rain, it can be a challange to keep the show going. Cheers, Mike
  2. Hello: I have the CTB16Kpcv1 board configured for 30 AMPs (2 15 AMPs providing power). I was fixing one of the extension cords that my friendly rabbits chewed on. Anyways, long story short, wire cutters went through the cord while hot and "pop". So now one side of my controller doesn't work. I power cycled the controller and fuses seem good, but and half the controller doesn't work. What should I be looking for to fix? Cheers, Mike
  3. Yeah, I got a response!! Cheers
  4. Hello: I'm wanting to buy one of Richard Holdman sequences. I tired last year by sending several emails to Richard and have tried once so far this year. I get no response. Anyone have any luck buying them? Regards, Mike
  5. Thanks everyone. We had an ice storm, in North Texas, that pretty much shut things down for about four days. I think the ice/snow really enhanced the video in the reflection of the colors. I'm using PAR-38 90W flood light bulbs, six red and six green, which are mounted on the house facing upward. The flood lights just light the face of the house. The trees, mini-trees, mega-tree are all using individual colored (red,green,clear) strands. In case you are interested, here is a YouTube link for all the songs I have. Here is the link to all our songs: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Wh4
  6. Second year on doing Light-O-Rama. Have 128 channels and 36,000 lights. This is the first sequence I've done from scratch. Other sequences have been modified ones from Mr. Holdman. Thought it was about time I do one myself. Merry Christmas
  7. Hello, I survived the first year. Using 104 channels and 23,774 lights. I do have to confess I cheated slightly on the sequecing. I purchased several of Mr. Holdman's sequences and adapted them. So the shows may look/sound slightly familiar. I figured I would spend the first couple of years ironing out the setup, then venture into sequencing from scratch. Setup went pretty smooth, excpet I need to come up with a better way of setting up the mega tree. It was a bear, because of the strands getting tangled towards the top during setup (it involved lot of cursing). I'll be studying up on that fo
  8. Thanks guys. I think I'll leave this circuit alone for now. I found another 20 AMP one with practically nothing on it, so I'm going with it for now. Merry Christmas, Mike
  9. Hello: I'm starting to plan for next year's display and been on the search for more electricity. I discovered I have an unused 3-wire 120V 30A circuit. How can I take advantage of this using my controller for 30 AMP. I know how to configure the controller (2 15 amps plugs), but what is the method for installing the outlet(s)? Any reference material would be great. Regards, Mike
  10. Hello: I bought 5' stick trees, with 350 clear lights, on clearance from Sears after season last year. My plan is to do what Richard Holdman did with his which is add on green and red lights so I'll have 3 channels per tree. Now how does one handle going out on each stick limb without having to retrace back and doubling up the lights? It seems that the lights that came on the tree were built to go out on each limb and not retrace back. Make sense? Regrds, Mike
  11. Thanks everyone. I believe I'm going to buy end plugs and modify as needed. Found them for 40 cents each at ledgenlighting.com. Anyone know a coupon code or less expensive alternative?
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