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  1. Very heavy duty, with the Uni-strut and steel cable! (looks like the work of an electrician ...) Nice job, but not exactly what I had in mind. I wanted to make a full 360 deg. tree with 8 full strands (up and over) to make 16 strands from top to bottom. So 5m/2 would be 2.5M; a little over 8ft. tall. I guess that would probably work. Does anyone have any comments as to spacing for a tree that size?
  2. I'm thinking about building a smaller pixel tree out of 8, 5m ws2811 pixels (halved, up and over to make 16, 2.5M strands) Can anyone supply any commentary or downside to this? And a link to another forum with similar information or plans would be great....thanks!.
  3. Very cool. If you have a revelation, please share! (and iI think it was actually AliExpress (same difference)) And thanks for the input.
  4. I love how when you ask a question people tell you other stuff to use...lol Yes I could use a Sandevices controller, I could use J1sys's controllers I could use multiple dongles and multiple DMX universes etc etc etc. But if I ask a specific question, can we try to focus a little? (I'm really not trying to be a jerk),it just seems almost every time I'm on this board someone forgoes my question, and comes at me with some other piece of hardware. If you want to try to sell me something at least do it in a round about way, addressing my question first...lol. No Baron, I was on Alibaba and I searched Pixel Curtains and Pixel screens and some controllers came up that I wasn't familiar with. I guess I could E-mail tha mfg. for more info, I just figured I'd ask the "community" first. and thanks Travis.
  5. Ok 1st off Ok I do appreciate your sales pitch, but I didn't ask for a complete pixel control system, I asked a question. And Travis, who is Fabian Gordon?? (Gordon Lights?)
  6. Does anyone know if it's possible to use a pixel screen controller to control pixel strings? I'm basically talking about the controllers they use for modular displays and concert backdrops. I'm sure there's some sort of correletion....
  7. Check these out: http://store.creativelightingdisplays.com/Enclosures_c19.htm
  8. I have a thought on the pixel software thing, let me know what you (all) think. I noticed there are chinese controllers out there that allow you to store a pixel scene on an SD card, and it got me thinking that it might be cool If LOR or someone else came up with a pixel add on. Possibly an easy to use pixel only software (not another whole package like SuperStar), and a small controller that just stores "scenes" that are numbered or DMX referenced . Then have your main software call those referenced scenes in your sequencer. Something like this might make life easier when dealing with lots - o - pixels.....
  9. Lots of great tinfo in this thread, thanks guys! I'm sure the info is out there if I search hard enough, but does anyone have a link to a decent buid for a 2d pixel matrix tree. I'm thinking of attempting one for next year, instead of a pixel Mega-tree Just not sure of sizing/ spacing and all that....Thanks
  10. Yeah, it's a bit too fast / flashy...but you know what I'd rather see your display than someone that puchased all the best stuff, paid for all their sequences and then said: hey check my display on my mansion. There's absolutely non of their heart or soul in it! That's what this hobby is all about! You don't need to pay for all the best and biggest right from the starting line! It's getting out there starting small and building from what you learn over the years!! I started last year with 16ch. I wanted to do this when I 1st saw the video's, but had a small house in the city( was afraid my stuff would be stolen). Bought a new house 5 years ago but still couldn't spend the extra cash on a light show.... Great job, Keep the dream alive!
  11. Ok this is my 2nd year. Added some RGB this year. let me know what you Think! A short custom made song: Illuminations:
  12. Re: Anybody have any experience with these controllers? It says they'll do 2048 pixels (2811 and others) for 66.00?? http://www.aliexpres..._533604220.html Ok never mind looks like they're not externally controllable....only SD card.
  13. Anybody have any experience with these controllers? It says they'll do 2048 pixels (2811 and others) for 66.00?? http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/T-1000Stand-SD-card-led-pixel-controller-2012-new-version-AC110V-220V-input/701799_533604220.html
  14. Yeah I know.... I was hoping for something like the ECG-P2 at 5 cents a pixel....but it doesn't do 2811.... (that's why I said cost effective....lol)
  15. There's a great deal at Ray Wu's for some digital strips but they're 2811's. Does anone know of a cost effective controller for 2811's?? http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/5m-led-digital-strip-DC12V-input-WS2811IC-256-scale-10pcs-IC-and-30pcs-5050-SMD-RGB/701799_568458133.html
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