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  1. We have had Santa every weekend during the season. He has been a huge part of the display.
  2. The sequence can be as long or short as you want. When placed in the background tab of the show editor, it will loop seemlessly however long it’s scheduled.
  3. I've been hearing newbies asking about sequencing so I though I'd dig up this old post that still has a lot of good insight into sequencing techniques. Hope it helps someone.
  4. Use a program like Audacity to edit the music file.
  5. I will definitely be dark next year but after that my story will probably be similar to yours.
  6. This is the final season for our display. New Hampshire Chronicle came and did a story about our display. Here it is.
  7. I have some classic rock xmas mashups Check my youtube page thru my website. Let me know if there are any you are interested in. www.claremontchristmaslights.com
  8. One easy solution is to create a show with just the startup sequence. Then schedule it for a slightly shorter time than the sequence runs, followed by your regular show minus the startup. Beautiful display!!
  9. I usually get similar issues during the month the show runs. Something gets corrupt. Rebooting the show computer always solves it. One boot is all I’ve ever needed.
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