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  1. Thank all of you for your help the issue was some how a subsequence sequence got put in as a beat track. no idea how that happened all fixed now
  2. Are motion effect rows the same as subsequence or vise a versa? And why when i try to create an sd card does it pop a warning about subsequence not allowed when i don't think i have one.
  3. so my sub sequence (but i didnt add one it was a motion effect row) came when i bought a ccr tree and programed it thru ss i read that there are ways to do it but they are not clear to me at this point hoping that someone could be a little more specific on how to get it incorporated so i can get it on an sd card to play in my N2-G4-MP3 director
  4. WOW Nobody has responded to u yet. I just started getting the same message doing the same thing
  5. Thank you to all of you I have now got it to work in lor mode did two different networks of comport USB thank you so much for all of your help
  6. LOL I completely understand what you’re saying Oh believe me I have been reading all of this stuff and most of it I have figured out on my own so this is what I got when I change the pixcon to the E1.31 and I uncheck the J3J4 item do I have to enable one of the four port options underneath that it’s not quite clear in any of the information that I found about that
  7. it might take a few seconds if you know how 😊. me? dont know how. any direction would be great. other wise i have to start doing a lot of reading.
  8. i do still have the black adaptor. because im new to rgb its setting up second network that is at this time an unknow to me that i have to figure out.
  9. So I have been running the professional 1600's for many years now and so i want to add a pixcon mega tree 16 lines 100 pixels. got the hs dongle and set everything up as best as i could with what i know at this time. Well it seems that my 1600's will not run at the speed the pixcon needs. there must be a way to make them play nice together. Anyone want to take a shot to help a poor american out whose down on his luck?
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