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  1. So I have fixed this issue. I had 2 controller with firmware version 1.04 and 3 with firmware version 1.06. I updated all 5 to 1.08 and it works.
  2. Changing the speed did not work. All of our pixels and dumb RGBs are working. Only the traditional, analog LOR is not. One other thing, I also noticed an error in Control Panel as well that might have something to do with it.
  3. I tried posting this before but computer glitched. I have a regular LOR network with 5 G3 units on Comm 1. Daisy chained in random order. The network works properly with hardware utility but not with S5 sequencer. We checked all the channel assignments. The network was functional for Halloween when we imported the old programs with no motion effects. For Christmas we had to 100% redo the preview and now have motion effects with the pixels. When we loaded the first sequence a warning box appeared stating that we had to have an enhanced network. We changed the LOR network to enha
  4. My kids asked if I could add this. Getting a late start this year. If you are still sharing this sequence could you send it to charlotemichauds@yahoo.com. Thanks
  5. This is great. It is exactly what I was looking for and since I do not know how to do all the programming stuff this looks like a perfect solution. I will download it and start learning how to get it working. I look forward to seeing the updated video for the other functions. Not sure if you are planning any updates but if you are perhaps a user feedback for display improvements the next year would be helpful or perhaps a way for the viewers to post their comments via twitter or facebook. I am planning to set up a webpage for my display this year and hopefully raise some money for a loc
  6. I am interested in allowing viewers of my display to interact in real time with my display via smartphone. Has anyone ever attempted this? Specifically allowing them to see which songs are available, allow them to select which one comes next, and seeing statistics on which songs have been the most popular. Any suggestions on getting this accomplished would be very much appreciated. Not sure if the LOR software will allow this or if it needs to be done outside of it altogether.
  7. Dennis, If the controller is being used for a display that is set-up for running a show with music and the triggers are initiated will they function simultaneously and independent of the show allowing the musical portion to keep running?
  8. I looked at the LOR input PUP and it looks like that might work in hooking up the motion sensors but that would mean running long cables up to the second floor from outside to control the devices and I assume that this would also require using some of the channels on the LOR controller to tie the output channels to the input trigger of the PUP. If I am understanding this incorrectly please correct me. ANY OTHER IDEAS OUT THERE TO AVOID THESE ISSUES?
  9. I currently use LOR controllers for my Halloween and Christmas displays but this year I am adding a few objects that will be independent of the main display. The task at hand is illuminating the object using motion sensors and having it illuminate in 3 timed segments both forward and then after a dwell time of about 5seconds reverse the illumination to off again. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach the electrical side of this. I think I have the construction part solved just falling short on a simple solution for the electrical side.
  10. OK. did a little more investigating and it looks like these "power supplies" are really just transformers that convert 120 VAC to 11-15VAC. Therefore, does anyone have a suggestion on how to convert the 12VAC to 12VDC to use with these RGB Strings?
  11. HELP!!! I installed some RGB dumb strings in my community public space and was planning to power them using the 12v landscaping power that was already there. SURPRISE!! It did not work. I tested the power and it appears to have 13V but my multimeter reads it entirely different (READS 0 on the main display and 13.8V approx. on the small display at the top) than the power supply I used during testing and set-up (READS 12V on main display). The unit installed is a Vista Professional Outdoor lighting MT-600 that appears to have plenty of wattage but the RGB strings do not light properly a
  12. There did appear to be multiple Listener windows and it did cycle back and forth and I could not close them the normal way. Had to re-boot to resolve. I updated my license and will see if that helps. I am new to the DMX side of things. Do you know what that Error message is trying to convey? I thought maybe it had to do with a buildup that was robbing the memory over time but I am not a computer hardware expert and am just guessing. Thanks for your input.
  13. Was wondering if anyone out there has run across this error and knew how to resolve it. "DMX listener error 4. Connect called while socket not closed / 0" My show still ran successfully even with this error and if I shut down and rebooted the computer it would go away for about 3 days and then return again. Any input would be appreciated.
  14. I did complete the sequencing of both of these songs and am pretty happy with the result. There are 48 LOR channels and about 16 DMX channels running a mix of LED's, incans, floods, and characters that my kids and I built from scratch. I saw your PM and will forward the sequences to you. The music is the standard tracks for both from ITUNES. I do not have them filmed yet as my video camera died. Currently looking for a suitable replacement. Hope these help get the creative juices flowing. BTW - Your right the programming side is somewhat consuming at times but worth it in the end.
  15. This year I have chosen 2 current Pop songs and incorporated them into some past favorites. The 2 new ones are: My songs know what you did in the dark - Fallout Boy and Live for the Night - Krewella
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