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  1. AC strings. Can you explain a little further? Thanks
  2. Any recommendations on intensity level to set warm white leds to so that they do not wash out other colors such as red? I have it set to 50% and I honestly cannot see a difference between 50 and 100.
  3. This is what my display looked like last year. Does any sell or share sequences of a display with similar elements that may be easy to adapt to mine? Thanks! https://youtu.be/R3eDrPzflms
  4. Yeah, but I believe all sold before I could snag any. Thanks tho
  5. I am currently looking to purchase 3 controllers. Please let me know if you have any to spare. Thanks!
  6. I am looking for 1 (16) channel Light O Rama Controller. Is there anyone looking to sell one at a decent price? Thanks!
  7. Could I please get a copy to? Thanks! peter.ganci@yahoo.com
  8. Does anyone have this song sequenced and wouldn't mind selling or sharing it? Thanks!
  9. Is anyone willing to share their sequence with me? I am currently working on this song for my display this year and could use some thoughts and help. Thanks!
  10. I do not know about Dumb and Smart RGB but I do not believe it will fit in my budget (which isn't much). This is my parents home that I do the decorating for.
  11. I have shared a link to a video of my display from last year along with pictures of my display the year before when it was a static display to show you what I am working with. This year I will be adding 5 more controller boxes, so I have to decide where to add channels on my display and what to designate a channel. Also attached are pictures form my front yard this year, as some bushes have been removed (the bushes that were running up my driveway) making the yard(my canvas larger), but I am struggling determining what I want to with everything. Should I add a spiral tree? More mini trees?
  12. I just went on google maps and I believe the address is: 1321 or 1821 Minor Ave, Seattle WA 98101
  13. He is at it again on craigslist: Reply qrtnj-4167162358@sale.craigslist.org [?] flag [?] : miscategorized prohibited spam best of Posted: 2013-11-02, 10:28AM PDT Brand New Light O rama controllers I have 2 16 channel LOR Controllers for sale. they are the ctb16pc channel. Fully assembled by LOR. Never been used, still in the Box. Wasnt able to do a display this year. 175.00 each or 300.00 for both. Call me at 512-955-1706 and we can meet somewhere in Seattle.it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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