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  1. here is a few videos of my halloween lights in the Uk hope you enjoy Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars Uptown funk Galantis-peanut butter jelly
  2. hi there ive been awol from this forum for a while now and just come back to take a peek and this looks awesome will there be a way of converting it to change it to more strings that 24 ??
  3. here is my video of my fire starter seq with fire machines and projector 2013 using LOR E682 and flame machines and a projector http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKmcQu_Vx8c&feature=youtu.be enjoy Dan
  4. HI all its been a while since ive been in here as ive been busy playing lights right i have E682 TO MAKE A 16X50 PIXEL MARTIX with nutcracker i can create and export the seq to lor but when i try and copy and paste it over it crashes every time im using a I5 with 8 gig of ram and as i copy and paste (through windows task manager im using 16% CPU and 47% RAMing ) It doesnt matter if i copy 50 or 2 at a time it always crashes ????? anyone got any idea why .....am i going over the LOR threshold im pulling my hair out
  5. yep your right there ive had to make 4 visulizer files 1 for matrix 1 for mega tree 1 for 360 pixel tree 1 for house and window surrounds
  6. made a pixel tree in minutes fantastic work but when i go to add a second pixel tree or matrix it crahes and i can seem to add a second prop any ideas my tree is 16 x 50 pixels my matrix is 16x50 pixels
  7. Hi Sean I've been using nutcracker 3.03 and thank you it's a fantastic bit if software is there a way I can just update my current version or do I have to download from the new link Also when I make my matrix with 16 strips of ws2811 the text is back to front is this something I'm doing wrong ??? I'm using a e682 with rays ws2811 strips if that makes any difference
  8. i use gen 3 boards here in the uk on 240v ,,,,you can just order them from LOR in 240v all you have to do is change the power leads all the software and dongle will work fine in Germany too i don't know about the transmitters as i just use a amplifier and speakers so others can hear my music oh and welcome to LOR dan
  9. you don't need superstar for programming RGB for your first year i did all mine with s3
  10. brad what pixels and controllers are you using ???
  11. ah cool i now know for future also mike/Ron if i wanted to make a tree for pixels same as the ccr tree but pixels can i do that with tree wizard too ??
  12. hi all does anyone have a mega tree prop using 12ccr or 16ccr they would like to share
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