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  1. nonamebanjouke@gmail.com If you would be ever so kind. If not that's okay!
  2. Anyone else that is willing to share this I would appreciate it too! LMS plus some dumb pixels
  3. Phil, are your’s out in a colder shed or in a warmer environment during storage?
  4. Any info on this would be helpful as well. This is my first year using pixels pushed into strips. I was almost thinking of storing them straight myself
  5. So my show has been running fine so far for this year. I have now gotten this message and the lights will not come on as scheduled. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Vi8pe4W3dyK2NYHUA Has anyone ever encountered this and if so what did you do to fix it? I don’t have direct access to the show computer as the lights are set up at my parents house but I will be able to get to it tomorrow. Any and all help would be appreciated.
  6. Like others have said you can use a virtual machine which seems to be the easiest option. In my case (I live in an Apple world) I just added an extra SSD in my hackintosh so I can daul boot into Windows for the light season. This is my first year attempting this so fingers crossed.
  7. Thank you everyone for your help. I think I have decided to go with the Acti-dongle for now since I don't need multiple universes right away and don't plan on venturing into the world of smart RGB just yet. As far as going with the CMB24D and sticking to LOR's protocol, I believe it will benefit me more to use Holiday Coro's controllers, in terms of cost. Again thanks everyone!
  8. So can I use e1.31 for dumb RGB?
  9. Hello fellow forum members. I have used 32 channels of LOR for the past two years and for the 2017 season I would like to start adding some dumb RGB. I plan on converting my two mega trees over to dumb RGB along with adding 6 dumb pixel mini trees. My question is this: what is the easiest way to connect the controllers to my computer? I know that the LOR USB485 dongle will not work but what is the easiest way of doing this? I plan on buying the 30 channel dumb controllers from Holiday Coro but read that the acti-dongle only uses 1 universe. Keep in mind that I would like to add more dumb RGB i
  10. Thanks lightzilla. The sequencing is the hardest part to get down for sure! There's always something to learn.
  11. Hello everyone, my name is Cole and this year will be my second year using LOR products to turn my lights into something worth seeing. I thought I’d post this to give some inspiration to those of you who may be struggling to get going with your lights and give some new hope. First off I’d like to clarify that I am not an expert at any of this and never claim to be. Like I said this is only my second year synchronizing Christmas lights and I still have a lot to learn. In April of this year we moved to a different house, one on a quite busy road where the speed limit is
  12. Thanks! Might be gettin' me some of these. This is a fantastic idea. Seriously genius. Thanks for sharing!
  13. They are 15 amps circuits, so yeah. I just looked on LOR's website and they "recommend" using two independent power feeds but I think I will be fine. I will most like pick up a meter just in case my math has gone wrong somewhere!
  14. Has anyone ever just ran one extension cord to a controller and then used a splitter to plug both cords in? I am thinking of doing this for one of my three controllers this coming year. It makes sense from an electrical standpoint to me - I'm not going to be overloading the circuit, the extension cord is going to be of a heavier gauge, and there will only be roughly 2,500 LED's plugged in, so everything should be okay, right? Feel free to weigh in.
  15. Forums finally allowed me to change it! Maybe that update did it some good.
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